Muscle gains can also be specific to the range of motion used. This study found that quarter squats emphasized the upper thigh whereas full squats developed the entire thigh. Therefore, changing the range of motion in an exercise can be an effective method of targeting certain regions of the muscle that you’re trying to bring up - muscle fibers don't always run the entire length of the muscle, so partial ROM may isolate certain compartments of fibers. The majority of your training should still consist of full range of motion for overall development, however.
▪️ Based on: Bloomquist, K., Langberg, H., Karlsen, S., Madsgaard, S., Boesen, M., & Raastad, T. (2013). Effect of range of motion in heavy load squatting on muscle and tendon adaptations. European Journal of Applied Physiology, 113(8), 2133-2142.