Laxogenin is a an all natural plant sterol compound that can be used as a non-hormonal anabolic agent. The main issue with laxogenin is that there are ZERO studies on it! All the crap online about it being the same as Anavar and “increasing protein synthesis 200%” are completely unsubstantiated. However, I came across a patent application that says they have research to suggest that 5alpha-hydroxy laxogenin, along with other phytosterol spirostane derivatives can enhance the anabolic effects of steroids. They didn't go deep into the mechanism on the patent app, but it suggests it might have something to do with inducing DNA-dependent RNA protein synthesis. This is known to happen when the body is exposed to anabolic steroids. It was noted that volunteers taking the combo along with AAS "reported greatly accelerated increases in muscle mass(10-20lbs in 2 months) far beyond what previously experienced with AAS alone." Unfortunately, the research isn't published yet, to my knowledge. However, if they are filing for a patent, they more than likely have good data to go off of. The suggested use/dose is a combination of 7-keto-diosgenin and 5alpha-hydroxy laxogenin, 20mg x3 a day. Could be very interesting