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  1. Yeah, lets hope so! GYMS might wanna get those germicide uv lights too, help set peoples minds at ease a bit more maybe, idk
    I do know I havent left the fucking house for shit but basics, and can not wait to get out, but im also in the top hot spot so we arent opening jack shit any time soon
    lmao, I aint even going to lie, I would LOVE for the Cut Off Belly Shirts To Make Their Way back In to Fashion Today! FOR REALS! Though the socks pulled up i never even did that shit when it was cool, and that was in Junior high lol
    they say people will be concerned about returning............if you are on this board, I believe as soon as the gym opens you will be there. Now it may hurt them with the older crowd that uses the gym as a social hour or don't use it at all but still pay the monthly membership dues.
    People are going to be dying to get in the gym after packing on the "corona 15" ( more like 25) and summer is here!!
    I was emailed a lengthy list of gyms closing all over the world. Big chains like Golds in there was well. The gym business is tough enough even without a pandemic.
    That sucks and scary at the same time! I’ve always wanted to go check them out. If they stay open I hope they do I’ll go visit them.

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