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  • Where I get uncapped blood test February 19, 2019
    Someone recently told me that LabCorp caps all there blood test at 1500nh/dL is this true? I was told there is a way around that. What do I need to do in order to make sure I get an in capped panel done?
  • This is my steroid cycle plan (beginner - 2nd cycle) February 19, 2019
    This is my planned cycle: Capture — ( This article (Post cycle therapy (PCT) ( says Clomid 250mg + Nolvadex 60mg for first week of PCT, which I thought was high so I lowered it as...

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  • Post Cycle Therapy Post swarm pct recommendation February 18, 2019
    46yo make. Finishing up osterine,carderine and Anderine. What pct would you recommend as well as dosage and schedule. Thx Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  • Difference between a peptide and a protein February 12, 2019
    Peptides and proteins are often very discrete terms; however, they refer to biological molecules that often overlap in terms of function and other factors. A peptide is a ‘chain’ of amino acids that is expressed as a result of mRNA translation. This is often thought of as the ‘primary’ dimension of...

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  • More Info on Feeding of BCAA/EAA/Creatine and Carbs. February 14, 2019
    theguerillachemist ( you know, I'm an advocate of the intra workout "feeding" of BCAA/EAA/ creatine/carbs to create an extreme anabolic environment. That being said, the one amino acid I haven't spoken about that is crucial to take during training to...
  • Inositol Arginine Silicate February 13, 2019
    Have you ever heard of Arginine? ---- ⬆️If you have, then you understand that it may not be beneficial for increasing muscle pump. However, science is changing that! A new patented supplement called inositol arginine silicate is popping up in preworkouts across the globe. ---- 🔬What does the...

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  • Advice on brewing and safe handling of Metribolone. February 17, 2019
    I have a couple of questions guys and this forum was recommended to me as having a great home brew section. Any safety precautions that should be put in place when handling large quantities of Metribolone? With the average dosage being 0.5-2mg it does concern me handling 25g + of this powder....
  • Steroid Powder Recipe Oral Capsule Recipe February 13, 2019
    Hey Guys, I have an small lab and i have all the tools that is needed.i have all the recipe for all the injectable steroids and now wanna to move on to orals and also have bought an encapsulation machine and wanna make my orals using capsules. any one knows what kind of filler and […]

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  • Nolvadex Reduces Fat-burning in Women but Not Men February 15, 2019
    Image: by Anthony Roberts Nolvadex (also known as Tamoxifen) is a precontest staple for both women and men. It’s technically a Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator, but most people lump it into the general category of...
  • Motivation is a Scam February 8, 2019
    *Motivation is a Scam Nia Shanks* Image: Warning: this article is laced with profanity. At least her email was pithy: “Fuck you, Nia. I did everything you said to...

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  • Haldol Side Effects and Proper Muscle Building Dosage February 16, 2019
    *Haldol Side Effects can be kept to a minimum with Proper Muscle Building Dosage which* *Can be determined by its half-life.*
    Simon Said
  • Igf-1 Lr3 in abs February 2, 2019
    Igf-1 Lr3 will work good taking it in abs??? Also should I take before or after workouts and do I take everyday?. Sorry so many questions , first timer. Thanks