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Thread: Bimagrumab - Myostatin Inhibitors?

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    Default Bimagrumab - Myostatin Inhibitors?

    Bimagrumab - Myostatin Inhibitors?

    Bimagrumab - Myostatin Inhibitors?

    Bimagrumab - Myostatin Inhibitors?
    There have been few promising compounds for myostatin inhibitors, but most have not panned out, like follistatin. However, BYM338 aka Bimagrumab might be something worth looking into. BYM338 is an antibody for the protein activin type II receptor A and B. Activin type II receptors regulate muscle growth by binding to certain ligands like myostatin. BYM338 is an antibody, which means that it prevents myostatin from binding to your activin type II receptors, and that can lead to substantial muscle growth and fat loss according to this June 2017 study.

    In this 14 week, placebo-controlled study, 10 overweight subjects with type-2 diabetes were given 30mg/kg of BYM338 via an IV injection...once. Researchers found that after 14 weeks, subjects who received the drug noticed up to a 5% increase in LBM(average was 2.7%) while decreasing body fat by 10%(average was 7.9%)! After 24 weeks, participants still retained a 3% increase in LBM and between 5-7% less body fat. All of this happened WITHOUT any dietary intervention or exercise. BYM338 also improved insulin sensitivity by 20-40%. There is another trial using BYM338 with caloric restriction in obese, type-2 diabetics currently ongoing. As far as side effects reported, diarrhea, acne, muscle pain and weakness were most common. This is very interesting research, and I'm sure that this compound will make its way around the peptide circuits in the near future. That being said, it will probably be cost-prohibitive to most, considering at 30mg/kg is 3 grams for a 100kg bodybuilder.
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