I get a lot of questions about SARMs, steroids and stacking, so I wanted to shed some light onto things to keep in mind when building a stack. 1) Binding affinity is critical. SARMs bind very tightly to the androgen receptor(AR) sometimes better than certain steroids. This can be a bad thing for stacking purposes bc you only have so many AR. SARMs can actually inhibit test and other androgens from binding so you could be wasting gear. For example, if you had an equal number of SARM molecules and test molecules, the majority of test molecules would be unbound, which causes them to go through different metabolic pathways like converting to DHT and estrogen. This is why when you take SARMs you can experience estrogen sides and low libido. Stacking SARMs can make this effect even worse. 2) Tren is a SARM(technically) bc it has such a high binding affinity. Tren can compete with other SARMs for binding and may not be as effective vs if taken alone. This is something to consider when adding it into a stack with say, nandrolone or DHT which also have high binding affinities. DHT can bind to the AR 5x better than test and nandrolone ~3x. 3) some steroids work well and don't bind well. Anadrol has a terrible binding affinity to AR and can actually activate the ER, but can add tons of muscle. This means it works via a different mechanism than just binding to AR. The take home message here is to put a thought process to a stack and do some research. I personally think SARMs will work well on their own in low doses for putting on small amounts of muscle. I don't recommend stacking SARMs like Ostarine and LDG bc it can cause low test levels by occupying AR and forcing test to go to other pathways. Also doses are important, low SARM doses work well with higher doses of things like test. the more test molecules vs SARM molecules the better the chances of test binding and working vs converting to estrogen and DHT. Just my 2 cents.