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What is a good domain authority score?

Ok, this is a question many people ask and there is no magic number here. It all depends, if you focus on a nice market, you might be able to compete with a 20 DA Score. But when you’re Competing with big brands and highly competitive keywords a DA 50 Score might not even be enough. To answer this question, list your organic search competitors. Add them to the bulk Domain and Page Authority Checker (you can check up to 10 results at a time) and scroll down to the bottom where you’ll find the average DA an PA for your query. This number will give you a good indication how you stack up to your competitors.

Average Domain authority

As mentioned above you should ideally compare you Domain Authority score to your competitors, but to give you an estimate of the average Domain and Page Authority score for a website we’ve started tracking these numbers. Based on the output from this tool we’ve collected the DA & PA score for more than 100K+ websites. And these are the results:

MOZ metric Average score
Domain Authority 35
Page Authority 7

(to my opinion these numbers should only be used as a very rough indicator)

How to improve your Domain Authority?

Because Domain authority is calculated based on 40+ link based metrics by MOZ, you should focus on getting relevant quality backlinks from high authority domains. This is easier said than done, so to get you on your way I’ve developed the Free Link Building Tool that will help you to identify: Guest post, Resource listings and review link building opportunities.

Domain age vs Website age

This tool calculates Website age because it’s a better and more relevant SEO factor to measure compared to domain age. Especially when you compare Domain and Page Authority, website age shows you how a domain has developed over time. A Website age of 6.4 years means a website is 6 years and 4 months old.

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