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I thought the MC store was going to start carrying these. In addition to wanting to give them a shot for school, I'm totally burned out on stimulants and I'm getting worse and worse anxiety from them. Any of you tried or interested in trying them? I've heard pretty great stuff about piracetam
i havent tried any yet though would like to but everything i keep reading review wise from people buying the powdered stuff online is pretty much the same, no one feels shit, or they feel somehthing the first day then never again after that aside from the uptick in energy, which you can get from a lot of things, so i dont know man, i would like to find out for myself firsthand, but not really sure i would buy from one of these nootropic stores that are popping up now at a rate of 1 a day lol,

then again, i know from first hand experience through owning a store that 99% of all reviews from most any kind of store are usually reviews from people bitching or unhappy about the product or customer service, and you almost never hear from the people who love your products as theyre content and dont feel the need to write a review, so i guess its like voting, the angrier a person is the more motivated he or she is to vote and same goes for writing review, so maybe when it comes to the nootropic reviews i read , thats also the case

but i would like to try them all out , and we only carry the one products in our store that is considered a nootropic, and yes i would love to add more soon
I have been using noopept from a research company for about a month. I haven't noticed anything. I have a strong immunity to most drugs.
They've been around so long and as Presser said you only hear from the unhappy people. I'm sure it's not going to make you Einstein or blow you up like Dbol, but if it makes the synapses fire better or even helps you remember that last topic just a little better. I think I may try it. I'm going to save the Adderall fuel study sessions for PA school.