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Some of you bros don't care about hair loss, but it can be a big concern for most of us other bros. I'm 35 and I still have a thick and full head of hair. I am not one of those guys who would look good bald or balding. In some of my cycles years ago, I noticed large volumes of hair falling out in the shower during a cycle. This brought me to the point where I would look in the mirror and say, "What good is there in having huge muscles if my hair looks like crap?" So my search began to find the best possible hair solution, which involves stopping hair loss and even reversing it!

Let me just show you the final results (IN ORDER OF IMPORTANCE), and I will comment on each:
avodart:registered: (dutasteride) - Dutasteride was developed to help shrink the prostate and was found to have an even more profound effect on regrowing hair than finasteride! Not only that, it can take care of more of your DHT, it starts working faster, and stays in your system for much longer. 1 to 5 mg ED is all you need, and it also keeps that prostate down during your cycles. In my book, this is a win/win situation.
propecia:registered: (Finasteride) - Next to viagra, this drug may have had one of the all time record advertising budgets. Finasteride is a hair loss prevention / regrowth drug. Recommended dose is 1 mg ED and after 6 to 12 months the user may achieve positive results. The reason I write "big 4" in the title of this thread is that it may not be necessary to use both Dutasteride and Finasteride, although there are no known drug interactions. I say roll with Dutasteride if you can and if not then use Finasteride.
ROGAINE:registered: (Minoxidil) - Cheap to buy generic at target in three month supply, Minoxidil blocks DHT on the scalp. After handling DHT within the body via Dutasteride or Finasteride, you can also stop the damage of DHT on the scalp. Use twice a day. I use it after my morning shower and after my workout shower.
NIOXIN:registered: (Cleanser, Conditioner, and Treatment) - Use these Nioxin products as your daily shampoo and conditioner. They work on the scalp to ensure that your skin is healthy. Shampoo removes impurities that clog follicles, including DHT. The conditioner keeps the scalp moisturized. The treatment adds botanicals and nutrients to the scalp skin.
NIZORAL:registered: (A-D Shampoo) - Ketoconazole, the main ingredient in Nizoral, acts as a relatively mild anti-androgen. (Androgen binds to hair follicles and over time shrinks them down, causing thinner and thinner hair.) Use this shampoo once a week for help with DHT.

This hair regiment is not difficult to maintain, and can provide great results. I went from losing my hair to growing it back! It takes a few months to start working, so for the first 6 months have patience. Passing the 1 to 2 year markers using the "Big 4" regiment should yield significant hair gains, or at the very least put an end to your loss.

This article assumes appropriate nutrition, hydration, and sleep.


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I was genetically predisposed to lose mine though I'd say it wasn't all brought on by cycling AAS. I'm the only one in my family to do AAS, and both my older and younger brother lost their hair at about age 23-24. I outlasted them both curiously, and I've been "on" since I was 30. My hair didn't start to fall out in any major way until I was more about 45. My older brother tried to use Rogaine, but he ended up being allergic to it--made his ears swell up so he looked like Mickey Mouse, no shit. So now I just keep my head shaved.
Something I have been greatly blessed with. I have used EVERYTHING under the sun and still have a thick head of hair.