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GW1516 aka GW-501516 aka Cardarine made simple by Exo

GW has the ability to

-burn fat tissue
-increase endurance
-accelerated metabolism
-increase in strength

although it can increase endurance it is still a non-stimulant

Accelerates fat burning

the action of GW differs significantly from that of an average cutting supplement, which usually contains only thermogenic substances. By acting on the PPAR-delta pathway, it activates a large number of genes responsible for fat burning. It also changes the way our body responds to high glycemic index meals.

Dosage and how to

6-8-or 10 week cycle
use 7 days a week
take with or with out food
12.5-25mg a day. if 25 then split 2 x a day
a woman may start with 12.5mg and there is NO androgenic side effects
there is really no need to taper the dosage up or down at the start or finish
Exo-Gen tablets are 25mg and have a scored line on the tab to make it easy to split with a pill cutter
its half life is 24 hours

it will take a couple of weeks to really start seeing strong results just like any cut cycle. the more you put into your diet, training and bodybuilding life style will determine your results. so don’t slack off so you can utilize the GW for best results. GW can be used at anytime not just a cut cycle. You don’t have to pct if used alone.

[FONT=&quot]GW has many other benefits that may be worth it for you to do some further research on your own [/FONT]
GW has the ability to:

-burn fat tissue
-increase endurance
-accelerated metabolism
-increase in strength

Although it can increase endurance it is still a non-stimulant

Great alternative to Clen, if Clen isn’t your thing!

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The best thing about EXO GW is, it’s tabs! I used this a while back in liquid form, and it tasted like shit. But the results from GW for fat loss are amazing. Non stimulant for those that don’t want clen.

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