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The Egyptian bodybuilder Big Ramy known for his colossal size, surpassing his rivals in size and weight, has not worked all his life as a bodybuilder, as a young man he made a living fishing.

❕It is curious to imagine a bodybuilder working in a place other than a gym or without any relation to the world of Fitness 🏋🏼*♂️, but the truth is that many bodybuilders have worked in pretty normal jobs to pay for their career as bodybuilders, some have worked as teachers, strippers or even policemen 👮🏼*♂️ like Ronnie Coleman.

❕The one that amazes me the most is Egyptian bodybuilder Big Ramy, who worked most of his life as a fisherman 🎣 before being hired for the Camel Crew 🐪 professional bodybuilding team.

Everyone has a past.