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Guys , anyone who has been waiting for a reply from me via private message, i am on top of it all today. I fractured my left hand weed whacking and power washing the house about a week ago, and havent been on here much due to trying to figure out what happened to my hand. It swelled up like a balloon, and apparently i fractured bones in my hand some point during yard work lol.

Crazy shit, as i never felt it happen, it simply swelled up that night and been swollen daily since.

So im a bit behind on returuing emails, and pms, but orders are all out and on time!

Thank you
dude that sucks, hopefully you've still got plenty of dexterity. i had a mtb crash back in april and haven't been able to bend my left middle finger since. it fuckin sucks. i'm finally, as of a couple days ago, able to bend it enough to wrap the finger around a tennis ball. making progress towards being able to ride again but this has been a serous downer for me. on a positive note though is it forced me to switch to using figure 8 straps for dl's and shrugs etc and i wish i'd made that move years ago, those straps are awesome!
missed a stroke lmao, too funny

Honestly though, my finger tips are still super numb around the clock, and fingers are still somewhat swelled up but not nearly as bad as it was. Praying that the numbness and swell goes away, its been close to a month since it happened, so hope to GOD there isn't some kind of permanent damage in there
I had a nasty broken hand about 10 yrs back. You don't know what you have until you lose it. That injury held me back in so many ways. It did give me the opportunity to prioritize legs in my training regimen.