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Gains in muscle size are specific to the range of motion used. Partial range of motion movements will only isolate a specific portion of the muscle whereas full range of motion typically develops the entire muscle – both quarter and full squats resulted in similar upper thigh growth but only full squats developed the lower thigh as well. Therefore, utilize a full range of motion on the majority of your exercises and use partial ROM movements as a tool to bring up lagging body parts!
▪️ Source: Bloomquist, K., Langberg, H., Karlsen, S., Madsgaard, S., Boesen, M., & Raastad, T. (2013). Effect of range of motion in heavy load squatting on muscle and tendon adaptations. European Journal of Applied Physiology, 113(8), 2133-2142.
I really hate when I see people doing half two stuff. I mean it’s fine if they do full range as well. Thanks for the post.

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