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OK about 2 and half wks ago I had one of my powerlifters yell for me, he was stuck on the bench with about 275lbs so I straddled him and when I pulled up the bar I majorly pulled my left hammy forcing me to drop the bar back on him, we managed to get him out of it w hardly any injury but me! It was like doing a 275lb stiff leg deadliift cold. My leg bicep immediately swelled up and I could barely walk. the next day it was black & blue. I went to after hrs clinic and got an appt to see the ortho doc but had to wait until today, my ankle is now swollen and toes are all bruised from internal bleeding, I see a PT but not for another 3 wks, I'm on muscle relaxants and oxycodone.

When I was in HS and played football I remember pulling one and I was on bench for next 2 wks, luckily the muscle didnt detach from the bone per my xray. Has anyone here ever severally pulled or tore one? I know they take forever to heal, if so what did you do to speed up the process? Dr told me I wont be squatting for many wks which really bums me!! Plus its painful as all fuck, bit after 2 wks its much better

Any advice other that stay off it which is very hard for me to do exp during the day at work!
Use ant inflam as needed. Perhaps some light stretching and massage..cyrotherapy if you have it in your area.
Breif update for others dealing with this condition. I have now had 2 PRP treatments so far and I have finally noticed a distinct improvement in terms of pain free range of motion, though I still have a ways to go before I am riding or running like I used to. The clue about the adductors is a good one: I have been stretching them from several different angles several times a day for a couple weeks and really noticed my hips loosening - myabe the hamstring was stabilizing and that was what was overstressing it. Not sure if its the PRP or the looser adductors enrgfitness or not training much (doing the every other day exercises mentioned previously in this thread, some core work and riding on a spin bike easy for 30-1:00, no running) but things seem to be moving slowly in the right direction. Still have some tightness near my SI joint but my PT thinks that should fade as my adductors loosen up. Be interested in any suggestions for exercises that strengthen/lengthen the adductors from anyone who has dealt with or treated this condition.
I pulled my hamstring last year (43) slipping while getting into the driver seat of my car. It took 3 weeks to be able to put any weight on a bent knee, especially while going down the stairs.

When I mean last year, I mean October. I've been hesitant to do legs ever since. How's your recovery?