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I read on here somewhere about super drol. I'm really thinking about injectable! It comes in 25 mg per ml. My thoughts are 1/2 an ml everyday. I have no idea as to length of time. I've red here that 3-4 weeks then gains stop. Has anyone used before? If so can you hook me up with some info?
U don't need that much. 20mg a day plenty even 15mg a,day.
It's not as harsh on liver but still is but not as bad...
I made some at 30mg/ml
Used it Pre WO only 90 mins before
Works very well
Doesnt act like oral Sdrol
Got extreme endurance and recovery and high energy for WO
I used 1ml(30mg) at least 90 mins
Sometimes 2 hours before lifting
Works very well
Cannot comment on everyday use