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Most lifters would probably agree that music helps motivate them during their workouts. If you’re one that doesn’t listen to music during training, you might want to start. This study found that subjects who listened to their own music performed significantly more repetitions to failure at 75% of their bench press max compared to lifting with music they didn’t like. This may simply be due to the fact that listening to music you prefer can help “distract” you from the fatigue of lifting. Motivating music can also increase sympathetic drive which would also likely improve strength performance. If your gym plays terrible music, investing in a good pair of headphones might help your gains!
▪️ Source: Ballmann, C. G., McCullum, M. J., Rogers, R. R., Marshall, M. M., & Williams, T. D. (2018). Effects of Preferred vs. Nonpreferred Music on Resistance Exercise Performance. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research.
This is 100% true in my case and agree 100%. I can stay in the gym an extra hour and pumps are awesome. I like a great dance beat music.