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So, had a package from the Philippines seized about 2 months ago. They finally got around to resending it, and now it's been stuck in customs for a month. Seems like it's getting seized again! This fucking sucks. They're supposed to send stealth. Anyone experience the same before? I hope they don't come knocking on my door next
iasuperpharma. Bostin Loyd gave them a plug on rxmuscle a few months back. The customer service has been good but they haven't been able to me their products.

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Get me their products*
Correct. After the first pack was taken, I gave them a different address.

And before this, I'd never had anything seized in my life.
No letter of controlled delivery, consider yourself lucky except for the financial part. I’ve used IA before with success.
I got a seizure finally.

Yeah, I'm not too mad at IA though I do not believe that they tried to send it stealth the second time. I think they should send again based on that fact.