Ronnie Coleman attributes his success to Flex Wheeler

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When speaking about bodybuilding few name come up more than 8 time Mr.O Ronnie Coleman. Competing regularly near 300lbs Ronnie would dwarf his competitors, but very little know that before he became Mr. O Ronnie struggled within the bodybuilding world. 2years after receiving his pro card Ronnie confronted Flex Wheeler after a show he had just won and the conversation that took place lead to the Ronnie Coleman we have come to know and love. Ronnie attributes the knowledge he learned from Flex to be a reason he became the monster he was supporting a 58" chest, 24" arms, 36" waist and thighs and the reason he won his first Mr. Olympia. Below is a short comment posted by Ronnie claiming Flex as the reason for his success showing him to true world of what a professional bodybuilding is all about. Now to only find out what exactly Flex told Ronnie so we can all be mini hulks and freaks of nature within the gym!!

“Here’s a fact that not too many people know and I feel now is the time to share it with my followers. I’m gonna share 2 facts. Fact # 1 and the fact everyone should know, Flex Wheeler and are were fierce competitors. Fact # 2, this is the fact no one knows but a few whom I’ve shared with at a few seminars. This fact is Flex Wheeler is partially responsible for the reason I became Mr Olympia. One of the reasons is the information he shared with me 2 years after I became a pro bodybuilder. On a a cold chilly day back in April of 1994 we were doing a tour in France and Germany. Flex had just won the Arnold Classic, he then proceeded to go on this tour of 2 pro shows. One was in a Germany and the other one was in Paris. Flex easily won both of these shows and I placed like 6[SUP]th[/SUP] in both. At this particular time I was a truly drug free bodybuilder. On this particular day I was fed up with losing all the time so I took it upon myself to go to Flex’s room to ask him exactly what he was doing to win these shows so easily. Flex shared everything he was doing to prepare for these shows so when I returned back home. I took Flex’s advice word for word and my very next pro show I won. So I truly credit him for giving me the info that got me on the right track of being a professional bodybuilder was all about. There is one other reason that I won My first Mr Olympia and Flex was the only reason I won because of the info he shared with me.”
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Would be nice to know what advise he gave him.

3g Test, 2G Tren a week haha but in all seriousness I would be interested in know what he told him as well. As he apparently was a "drug free" bodybuilder at the time I'm sure a lot of it was indeed about steroid use and proper cycling in preparation for a show.

This is what I could find of his in 1994 at the German Pro event that he speaks of in the text.

And just one year later
If he was even moderately honest about being drug free (which I believe he was looking at the photos) the secret to his success was not the obvious use of performance enhancing drugs in bodybuilding... it's the fact that we have never seen genetic like his for size in the history of bodybuilding. Phil Heather looks incredible, but Ronnie dwarfs him.
I'd kill to have Flex Wheeler's arms or Ronnie Coleman's back. Someone needs to find out what was discussed behind those closed doors!!