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I am starting a new program. The first three weeks are basically a nutritional detox of your entire diet. The program doesn't recommend that you train during the first three weeks. This is due to your body getting use to all the changes that it is going through. It is my goal to get as shredded as I can and to maybe compete again in the spring. My wife, who hates that gym, has been on the program and dropped over 40 pounds in 2 months and this has been all diet. This hasn't been muscle as she can still leg press over 600 pounds.

I will keep everyone informed of my progress, so wish me luck.
Well as of today I have lost 14 pounds and my muscle are still full. So I am in fat burning mode big time. Another 10 days and I can get back in the gym. Cannot wait to see how the next week goes.
Down over 20 pounds so far and today will be the first day back in the gym. I am going to stick with my hrt of Test and add MC's IGF to the mix. My joints are feeling much better and over all I have a lot more energy. So far So good.
Taking it easy as the first day in the gym kicked my butt. Strength was down and since I am in a calorie deficient my energy levels were down as well. I was a little sore yesterday and will be hitting it again later on this evening. Cannot wait to see the end results of this journey.
So have been to the gym this week and as I imagined, my strength is off and I have very little stamina. But just keep pushing and it will all come back.
I am down 25 pounds in 3 weeks. Started back at the gym and my strength is down but it is and my stamina are both coming back. May look at some pre workout just for a boost in energy. My wife is down 56 pounds since Oct 22.
So I weighed in this past Saturday and in 4 weeks I have dropped 30 pounds. My energy is back and I am having great workout at the gym. It is true, you cannot out train a bad diet. I wish I had know about this program years ago. Setting at 217 down from 247 and cannot wait to see what this weeks numbers will be. My wife ask me how much I want to lose and I told her that I was going for a look and not really sure about the weight.

I am down to 1 diabetic medication and getting ready to cut my bp meds in half. Yeah buddy.
So right in the middle of this I get covid. The crazy thing is I had my bloodwork done the same day as I did the covid test and my results were unreal. Everything is down and my a1c has gone down to a 6. So I am getting healthier. Yeah Buddy.
No more covid thank goodness and hit the gym today. Had a great workout and drop another pound last week. The biggest difference I saw on Covid was I craved salt, big time. Glad to be back in the gym for sure.

My wife is getting close to having lost 70 pounds. I am so proud of her.
Officially have dropped 35 pounds and feel great. Starting to add some more protein. Doing 30min of cardio at least 4 days per week as well. Come on Abs... need to see you this year. LOL