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The effects of fluoxymesterone administration on testicular function.

PubMed Article

Long term daily administration of fluoxymesterone (9alpha-fluoro-17alpha-methyl-11beta, 17beta-dihydroxyandrost-4-en-3-one) was associated with a modest suppression of sperm production and a profound suppression of testosterone levels in the absence of significant effects on plasma gonadotropin levels. Nine normal male volunteers took either 10, 20, or 30 mg of fluoxymesterone daily for twelve weeks. Plasma samples were obtained for testosterone, estrogen, LH and FSH levels at biweekly intervals before, during and for up to 12 weeks after fluoxymesterone treatment. Samples were obtained for dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate, testosterone binding globulin and free testosterone assays at representative times before, during and after treatment. Although lower sperm counts were observed at several points during both the treatment and follow up periods, significant consistent suppression of spermatogenesis could not be demonstrated. Reduced plasma testosterone levels were seen within 24 h after beginning fluoxymesterone, and further reductions were noted throughout the treatment period. Changes in plasma estrogen levels did not correlate with fluoxymesterone administration. Neither plasma LH nor plasma FSH levels were significantly altered by fluoxymesterone. A short term study utilizing a single dose of fluoxymesterone yielded similar findings. It is proposed that fluoxymesterone has a local effect on the Leydig cell which is not mediated by gonadotropins.
Its like theyre light years behind us bodybuilders in terms of knowing or finding out this shit! lol. I guess someone has to eventually put it down in a black and white clear as day backed study.

I wonder whats next on the study to do list of 2017, 2018?

“Trenbolone acetate injections induce coughing fits” News Flash , News Flash, Read ALL About It!

12 out of 12 Rattus Norvegicus experienced reflex triggered coughing due to trenbolone acetate injections ability to irritate cough receptors in the respiratory system. Although Scientists are unclear whether the same effects will occur in Mus Musculous they do all agree that its likely due to this studies finding supporting antidotal evidence shared by a plethora of Bodybuilding-hemanicus with whom all say this effect is real!

Stay tuned...

"You Know It Now, We’ll Prove It Later”

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