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So I have sat back and watched the last month or so and would like to get everyone opinions. The BLM movement, from what I see does nothing for Black Lives. If people want to protest peacefully that is fine. But all of this looting and burning of building is just domestic terrorism to me. I think I have more questions than answers at this time, but what do you all think??

Love to All.
What a year 2020 has been and the changes we have seen. If I would have told you last year ALL this was going to happen, you would have thought I was crazy. Every day is something even more unbelievable.
Crazy crazy times no doubt. The George Floyd murder was terrible no doubt but the looters have totally bastardized his legacy.
Defund the police? What a great idea, its like boiling water to make ice cubes. Whats next, defund the fire dept as well? Give everyone a fire extinguisher and a garden hose and an outdoor spicket . Its the stupidest idea ever and these big cities are doing it. Insanity
This could get ugly very quick. The other issues is what is going on that the Deep State wants to try and keep quite?