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IGF 1 lr3

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Insuline-like growth factor-1 Long r3

Theres so much confusion when it comes to igf 1 lr3 and whether or not its real. A quick search across the web will bring up results stating “All IGF 1 lr3 Is FAKE” and sadly this is far from the truth. While there are unscrupulous people and companies out there trying to sell their customers fake IGF 1 lr3 , or Synthetic growth factor 1 lr3, I am here to remind you that you can obtain this product legitimately through many reatilers as well as purchase it direct from the manufacturer.

There are numerous manufacturers of real igf 1 long r3 and nothing bugs me more than to see people without a clue make unfounded statements regarding this. I have heard, and read that only 1 place manufacturers the real thing when in fact the confusion out of sheer look it up laziness comes from the fact that their is only ONE FDA Approved IGF-1 lr3 Brand that can be used by physicians to write a prescription for. This however does not mean jack doo doo when it comes to your finding igf-1 lr3 elsewhere on the market. Many research sites and research manufacturers produce the real thing.

Now lets compound the laziness of people just posting and regurgitating information they read someplace else, and throw in this: IGF 1 lr3 costs $38,000 , now way anyone selling it has the real thing!

Well once again another lazy uninformed idiot, talking about things they have no real knowledge on aside from what they just read from another member on their site named “Big Ass Bencher” who has 98k posts, and a member of 30 different websites and forums. So if BAB’s said it, it has to be true right!

My Point is that i Implore each and every one of you to do your due diligence and research this topic. The problem in my opinion lys with the type of blogs that are one way streets. They submit their articles for the world to read, but no one can reply, or question anything. This is why Forums and Community discussion boards will never die! It is here where you can read , ask questions, go back and forth with the author, such as this article i am currently writing, which i would be happy to answer questions when i am finished writing. I would however like to lay everything out here in a way where your walking away with a solid grasp of this topic and not very many questions due the thoroughness of this article on Long r3 Insuline-like growth factor 1.

Why do so many people say its fake? Reason is after the extreme popularity of IGF-1 lr3, the chinese markets began flooding the market with vials of lyophilized igf-1 lr3 that was either synthetic, or actualy HCG. See, what most people do not know is when you purchase real growth factor from a manufacturer like Gropep, who owned the patent on it, It doesnt come all nice and neat in a perfect little lyophilized wafer. Lmao, That is a joke! It comes in a big 100 ml vial, with the lyophilized LongR3 IGF1 looking like its all over the place in crunchy looking pieces in different sizes here and there at the bottom NOT uniform wafer. Now 50mg would come all in one vial as i stated above, and look all disheveled i guess i would call it. Then you would add 50ml acetic acid solution to the vial, which made 1mg/ml and that is how it sold by retailers online, as they would then turn it into 50 seperate vials at 1mg/ml .

LONG® R3 IGF-I solution human recombinant, expressed in E. coli, liquid
Chunks Not Wafers

Now days you can purchase real igf1 lr3 already suspended! Sigma aldrich sells it quite reasonably this way as well as in its lyophilized form. So what is quite reasonable cost, You can purchase direct from the manufacturer media grade IGF-1 lr3 for as low as 25$ per 1mg when you purchase 100mg or more at a time! And believe it or not you can get discount coupons to use towards purchases if your a member of certain groups, like the IGF-1 Society , and yes, these type of groups exist and yes you can get discounts to use toward purchases at actual manufacturers Like Sigma, Gropep, etc..

If anyone ever says they sell receptor grade LR3 IGF 1, they arent telling you the truth! If it isnt fake to begin with, it is likely media grade. Media Grade IGF-1 lr3 is what everyone has been using since it came out. The difference between media and receptor grade is quite small! And for bodybuilding purposes, media grade is perfect! It is what i have used since day one and day one was many many years ago!

It also important to understand, you can not add bacteriostatic water nor sterile waters to your IGF-1 lr3, as it will not only mix with the already present acetic acid, like oil and water. On top of that, water degrade igf very very fast! So unless its being used up in 1-2 days max, you should not add water to it! MuscleChemistry IGF-1 lr3 is ready to go as is!

So, if you get igf-1 lr3 and it comes in a nice and neat uniform wafer, im here to tell you, its fake! More than likely it is HCG, which is kind of genius on the scammers part, as the end user will feel something from it, just not what theyre suppose to feel!

Please research before making any decision as well as any unfounded comments like some internet RE-RE pretending to be someone in the “KNOW”

IGF 1 lr3 Takeaways:

  • Media Grade IGF-1 lr3 Works Wonders!
  • IGF-1 lr3 Vials with Perfect lyophilized Wafers, are FAKE! (Call a real Manufacturer and ask them) SERIOUSLY!
  • Real IGF-1 lr3 From Manufacturer Looks like bits and pieces, or chunks of little lyophilized rocks inside the vial when you purchase 50mg or 100mg direct from company!

Who should use IGF-1 lr3

IGF-1 lr3 is not for someone who is out of shape, over weight, or just old fashion FAT. It will not yield fast substantial weight and strentgh gains like steroids do. If your not in half decent shape, do not use igf-1 lr3. If you are in shape, you will see it working right away! I am guessing plenty of customers out there have purchased real igf-1 lr3 from many different vendors, and come away thinking it was fake! The reason for this expectations are either too high or your body fat is too high.

Sure, lr3 does indeed signal your body to use fat for energy, and helps shuttle more nutrients into your muscles than would otherwise have reached them. But you have to be in ok shape, and this isnt just an igf thing, the same can be said for steroids in general. If you can not flex your abs and see a crease down the middle , you need to diet and hit the cardio before thinking about using anything like this.

I had someone not long ago tell me they were doing everything right in the gym and dieting properly, training regularly, and they added IGF-1 lr3 and they all the sudden lost 2 pounds of muscle and gains a few pounds of fat, and then went on to say they should have gained atleast a few pounds of muscle taking the igf-1 lr3 and then asks me whether i think maybe the igf-1 lr3 was a bad batch lmao

Heres the scoop, if this person was doing everything properly as they said, training regularly, eating good like they said, then even if the igf-1 was say bad , there is no way on GOD green earth it would make them gain pounds of fat and lose pounds of muscle lmao. Thats absurd! Cause this wouldnt happen period if you were doing what you said you were doing.

Can igf-1 lr3 make you fat, HELL yes it can, hence its name “Insulin-like growth factor -1 lr3”. And just like insulin, whatever you put into your body you get out. It will force more nutrients into the body than would otherwise be realized, and it will force more fat, dirty carbs into the body than would otherwise be realized. So sure, if you take igf-1 lr3 and eat shit, dont train properly, then you will look like shit and someone who doesnt train properly!

Bottom line is, you must be serious, and train properly, eat properly, and most importantly rest properly when taking this or any other compound for that matter!

No, it is not for everyone! In a perfect world, the seller would be able to see or have an actual account of how the buyer looks prior to selling them this product. I have personally told countless people over the years that they arent ready for this. But for those who are ready, and who do train and diet properly, well their is no better product to add to your cycle or use as a stand alone when it comes to making slow, steady lean gains, that are yours to keep!