Well where do i start,i ordered from dracorex because i got some email. Read some reviews on another board and it had fairly decent reviews.
I ordered some vials of sust and npp. Gear was smooth but next day i had red welts. Last time i got red welts was when i used a gear with EO in it. I read label ingredients and it said no EO. I emailed rep and he said no EO. THen i did some more google search on this and found it that there were others who had similar sides and they were all allergic to EO.
Pissed me the eff off that this lab did not mention an ingredient which is harmful to myself and others.One word ****S

I then switched to bodytech pharma,i should of just went to them in the first place,they are a sponsor here. This is possibly the best gear I have done in many years.