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    Default Everything You Need To Know About The Big 4:

    Everything You Need To Know About The Big 4: Clean and Press, Deadlift, Squats and Flat Bench :

    Every guy/Women wants to have bigger muscles to be ripped and most important to not be fat. There are a lot of important ways to have bigger muscles. But in my experience there are 4 that work the best. Those are: clean & press, deadlift, flat bench, and squats. When I was in high school I played as a defensive linebacker. My coach wanted me to join in weightlifting as well because he said that it would help me with football, and my power. How did I get that power? Through deadlift, clean & press, and squats. I'll explain all of these different exercises.

    Clean & Press, you generally use a barbell. This exercise works your biceps and your shoulders at the same time. Abs will get tight, and make sure you have your balance. Your arms are the only thing moving and you are going to crawl the bar up right under your chin and exhale as you press over your head.

    Dead lift is a another great way to work the muscles as it works the back, lats, quads, glutes, arms and forearms as well as your abs. The deadlift is the perfect exercise for bodybuilders and powerlifters. Tell yourself that you can lift that weight, then you can do it. Any negative thinking on your part will decrease the chances of succeeding at the deadlift. Because doing this exercise, and using all this weight is very serious, and you can injury any parts of your body.

    Squats are sometimes the single most effective free weight exercise for your body, but should always be performed using perfect form and also using a spotter. Squats can help boost your free-weight workout by incorporating the core muscles and the largest muscles in your body. Squats can also be used as a rehabilitation tool to reestablish weak knees and joint integrity and strength, thus preventing further injury.

    Doing the flat bench is good way of working out your abs and your lower back. The flat bench is an excellent strength training exercise that targets not only the pecs, but also the deltoids and triceps. While the bench press can also be performed on an incline or decline, it is the traditional flat bench that is used most in terms of building mass in your chest.

    Doing exercises like these are great ways to keep healthy and to build muscle. Everyone man or women likes to keep in shape and I think that all these great exercises are great ways and fun. Just remember to stretch and drink plenty of water while you work out. No one wants to get hurt, just build up some muscle.

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