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    Default Nicin - new look.


    Just saw this study a few days ago and thought it was worth sharing. With more focus on preventative health and anti-aging, many people are looking at supplements to increase NAD+ levels. NAD+ is a cofactor to many enzymes, including ones in oxidative phosphorylation and DNA repair, that perform redox reaction. It’s also linked to increasing levels of Sirtuin 1(SIRT1) which is responsible for mitochondrial function and homeostasis. Increasing SIRT1 expression has lead activation of PPAR gamma cofactor-1alpha, which is crucial for mitochondria biogenesis. The mitochondria might be the most important organelle with regards to energy, as it is the site of oxidative phosphorylation that produces most of your body’s ATP.

    In line with the mitochondria theory of aging, damage/malfunction of your mitochondria can cause serious health effects, including signs of aging from ROS/free radical generation. This study focused on using niacin(not non-flush, nicotinic acid) to increase NAD+ levels and increase HDL(good cholesterol). By increasing NAD+ and SIRT1 levels, it was shown to increase mitochondria biogenesis, increase fatty acid oxidation and reduce triglyceride synthesis. Long term decreased levels of HLD and increased triglycerides have been shown to be deleterious to heart health. Enhanced athletes should always be concerned about HDL levels, as most PEDs dramatically lower your good cholesterol and increase “bad cholesterol” LDL. Niacin is a much cheaper way to elevate NAD+ vs nicotinamide riboside, but more comparative studies are needed.
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    Niacin makes me red hot and flush like a bitch . I was told to use it precontest years ago and im so grateful i ran a trial run with it before using it before a show. It fucked me up good
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