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    Default Body Comp Change - Best Workouts.

    If women are interested in body comp change, the most important things to remember are the B's and H's. The best workouts have 4 key parameters: breathless, burning, heavy, heat. Most lifters get stuck in one type of workout. They might just do cardio, or just high rep work, or strength work. But the most efficient method for body change is to make sure lifting workouts hit all 4 components at once. To do this, lift weights in a fast-paced, rest-only-when-needed fashion.

    Most people think rest and work are opposites when they're actually synergists. The more you rest, the harder you're able to work, and the more you work, the more rest becomes essential. Rest equals quality work, and quality work leads to needed rest. The best way for women to get the most out of lifting is to think: "Push until you can't, rest until you can." So, push until you can't push anymore, and rest only until you can start again. They should use moderately heavy weights and move between exercises with no defined rest periods. Rest should be taken only when needed, within sets or between sets, and then the workout is resumed wherever they left off before the rest. This allows for the breathless/burning/heavy/heat effect.

    One hormonal difference between women and men is that men get greater testosterone production while women get a greater human growth hormone response. In order to benefit from this, intensity for women is key. Breathlessness, burning, and strain through the muscles all amplify the HGH response. HGH is the ultimate multi-tasking hormone for women, helping them burn fat while simultaneously building muscle. This will create a lean, athletic, and feminine physique.

    Here's an example: Pick 4 full-body lifting exercises such as: squat, bench press, bentover row, push press. Do 12 reps of each in circuit fashion resting only when needed within sets or between sets: push until you can't; rest until you can. Time yourself for 20 minutes, generating as much volume as possible within your abilities. Use moderately heavy weight, a 15-20 RM. This is the most effective lifting workout for body comp change.
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    Sounds pretty conducive to a solid mans workout as well if I'm being honest. I think more people would get where they are trying to go goal wise with training each set like this(until you can't push or pull more) and just as little rest between til you can go again. Great post
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