This method takes advantage of the post-activation empowerment of heavy lifting.
By doing a heavy lift at the beginning, you activate the nervous system and the neuromuscular junctions, recruiting more fibers.
If you immediately switch to hypertrophy work using the same movement pattern, you will keep the fibers active, getting more stimulation.

❕Two different weights are used in each series.
✔️Start by placing 75% of your maximum on the bar, securing 🛡 it with clips.
✔️Then add an additional 10-15% weight to the other side of the locks (now 85-90% of the maximum is on the bar).
❕Doing so will make it easier to remove the weights quickly before starting the descending set.
✔️Do a heavy rep (85-90%)
✔️Quickly unload the extra weight. Ideally a partner does.
✔️Perform as many repetitions as possible, with good technique and without cheating 👌🏼.
❕Reps should be between 7 and 10. If you do more than ten, increase 📈 the weight slightly.

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