During the past few years, both MoneyGram and Western Union have got more and more restrictive. Measures nowadays are effectively adding up by the week.

Receivers are getting blocked after 3 or 4 transfers and some times instantly. Several transactions are being flagged, pending for days. WU/MG terms of conditions CLEARLY PROHIBIT the use of their services for purchase of goods or services.

Also, governments are pushing hard on them, being under close scrutiny by entities such IRS and their equivalents worldwide.

We foresee a time in the near future when companies like us will no longer offer that option and you'll have a hard time finding anyone, local or not, that will.

Bitcoin, like other cryptocurrencies, can be easily purchased with credit card. Transactions, if done properly, can be anonymous. Fees are very reasonable, confirmations of transfers are instant.

If you're still resistant to using bitcoin or can't understand how it works, we put together a guide with all the info you need:

Bitcoin guide

Keep fighting for your freedoms!!

Sincerely yours,

The PharmaComStore Team.