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Thread: Losing Training Motivation? Try this.

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    Default Losing Training Motivation? Try this.

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    Training hard is more important than following a plan. And if you're losing motivation, it'll be more difficult to train hard. Someone who trains brutally hard with laser-like focus on a very basic plan will get better results than someone who trains at 80% on the best plan designed by man. The key to training hard is motivation. And the foundation of motivation is looking forward to doing what you have to do. If you start to get bored with your training, there's a good chance that your motivation will fade and your training intensity will erode gradually, without you even noticing it.
    What can you do when you're losing training motivation? Here’s one solution:
    Do the opposite: Look at how you were training, and for a week or two do the opposite in as many ways as possible. Were you doing low reps? Do high reps. You were using a fast tempo? Use a slow tempo. Was lifting more weight your goal? Try focusing on maximizing the mind-muscle connection. Long rest intervals? Go with a faster training pace, either with shorter rest periods or by doing supersets or giant sets. Are you doing many sets of few exercises? Go with fewer sets of more exercises. Whole body training? Go to a body part split.
    That change will either rekindle your training motivation by making you enjoy the gym again, or it will make you yearn for the training you were doing.
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    Get It Done!

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    Great advise and easy to do.
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