“He Will Be Dangerous”: Big Ramy Finds His Threat in 255 Lbs Bodybuilder Ahead of Mr. Olympia 2022

With Mr. Olympia 2022 knocking at the door, eyes are glued to defending champion Mamdouh Elssbiay, A.K.A. Big Ramy. As the 2-time winner is eyeing his third consecutive win, the fans are eager to hear his insights from the upcoming event. Sitting for a podcast with former Mr. Olympia winner Ronnie Coleman, the IFBB winner went candid.

Talking about the potential winners for this year’s title, the Egyptian bodybuilding champion shared his thoughts on his fellow competitors. Reserving his name for the winner’s spot, Big Ramy has a list of who can secure the spots after him.

Who can give Big Ramy tough competition at this year’s Mr. Olympia?

As new names come into the picture, this year’s Mr. Olympia is getting more competitive. With everyone’s eye on the trophy, it is assumed that the bodybuilding fans are in for a delight. Contemplating the event’s outcomes, the reigning champion expressed his thoughts on his 255lb heavyweight fellow competitor, Brandon Curry. Hinting that “he will be dangerous,” Big Ramy thinks this year’s event will be the “most exciting show” in history.

He remarks, “nobody knows who is going to win,” as everyone looks conditioned and ready for the bodybuilding fiesta. Big Ramy also talks about Nick Walker and Hunter Labrada. He expressed his love for them and revealed he is looking forward to the upcoming event.

While talking about the first runner-up, Ramy thinks Hadi Choopan would be a could fit. While according to him, Brandon Curry will claim the third spot, and William Bonac will finish fourth. Whether or not Ramy’s prediction comes true, time will decide. The fans must wait a few more days before seeing their favorites grace the stage.

Even though Elssbiay is well-aware that this year’s Mr. Olympia will be tough, he is confident that he will secure his third win. Leaving no stones unturned, the defending champion is busy “sharpening“ his weapons. Sharing his workout video on Instagram a few days back, Ramy shared how he is working hard on his biceps ahead of the 58th Mr. Olympia contest.

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