MuscleChemistry Forums Rules!

MC POSTING RULES: by BiggerStronger THE FOLLOWING RULES ARE HERE TO HELP ENSURE THE ENJOYMENT AND SAFETY OF MEMBERS HERE AT MUSCLECHEMISTRY.COM: 1. No posts or PM's asking for sources 2. No open source posting. 3. No links to any illegal products or activities. 4. No flaming of other members. 5. No open Advertising unless it is a board sponsor without permission from the Admin. 6. No off color jokes, pertaining to race, color, creed, or sexual preferences. 7. No nudity, porn, or links to explicit violent, disturbing or offensive images/sites. 8. No harassing pm's 9. No unsolicited pm's offering items for sale 10. No unwanted sexual advances, or harassing comments (i.e. asking women for their pictures, commenting in a sexual nature on pictures posted, etc) 11. No links to other sites or retailers without prior approval from Admin. We still have some new members that apparently do not know the rules. Breaking the rules will result in a ban for a determined amount of time or permanently depending on which one you break. Rules 1-3 will not be tolerated what so ever. Banning will be imminent and don't expect any leniency, you wont get it. Thanks in advance for your cooperation in making MC a safe, informative, and great place to be!