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    NapsGear AMA - Milos Sarcev : Episode 7: Antoine Vaillant's physique at the 2022 Vancouver Pro

    CLICK HERE to view the AMA Episode. In this episode, Milos Sarcev answers the following questions: 1)Antoine Vaillant's physique at the 2022 Vancouver Pro CLICK HERE to view the AMA Episode. About NapsGear IFBB Pro AMA NapsGear’s IFBB Pro AMA (Ask Me Anything) offers our customers the...
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    NapsGear AMA - Antoine Vaillant : Episode 4: Making Gains That Last

    CLICK HERE to view the AMA Episode. In this episode, Antoine Vaillant answers the following questions: 1)PLEASE BIG HELP: it's been two years since my last cycle I'm currently 200 pounds 20% bf and 31 years old, when I come to sex even after long time not seen my wife no ever porn and even...
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    NapsGear Introduced New IFBB PRO: Antoine Vaillant !

    As a kid I had this feeling inside me that I was not good enough. Fear of not being good enough. I wanted to be better. To be stronger. The only thing I could control was that. To get bigger and stronger. I started doing pushups and sit ups at a young age, and felt like I could control those...
  4. drtbear1967

    Jeremy Buendia Butt Hurt.

    by Christian Duque It really seems as if physique-based sports are falling prey to becoming the next frontier of the world of political correctness. It seems that any attempt at comedy could easily result in a feud. Even discussions based on generalities could lead to drama. Ultimately, each...
  5. Presser

    Antoine Vallant Guest Posing, Roelly Winklaar Vacuum pose - Dexter Jackson RETIRING?

    After the recent debate on whether the vacuum pose should be added to the mandatory poses, Roelly Winklaar hits the vaccum pose. Antoine Vallaint guest posing in mens physique board shorts lol, and Dexter Jackson Retiring? <iframe width="560" height="315"...
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    MR. OLYMPIA QUALIFICATION SERIES STANDINGS MEN’S BODYBUILDING 2018 MR.OLYMPIAQualified Phil Heath (USA) Mamdouh Elssbiay (Egypt) William Bonac (Netherlands) Dexter Jackson (USA) Shawn Rhoden (USA) Roelly Winklaar (Curacao) Brandon Curry (USA) Cedric McMillan (USA) Steve Kuclo (USA) Nathan de...
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    Antoine Vaillant

    THE RETURN OF ANTOINE VAILLANT! Cast your muscle ridden minds back to 2012/13. The blog was in full swing, I was finishing "An American Muscle God" and starting "Charlie's Secret" and pretty much every muscle lover on the planet was going nuts for Antoine Vaillant! He even topped my "Vote For...
  8. Iron Game

    IFBB Men's Physique Pro Antoine Williams Chest/Shoulder/Triceps Workout At The NPC Photo Gym

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  9. jimbosmith316


    Who do you like? 7/10 are from the USA! Great work guys! Qualified Jeremy Buendia (USA) Sadik Hadzovic (USA) Jason Poston (USA) Ryan Terry (UK) Brandon Hendrickson (USA) Anton Antipov (USA) Patrick Fulgham (USA) Denis Gusev (Russia) Tory Woodward (USA) Scott Crowe (New Zealand) Ryan John...