1. drtbear1967

    Have you screwed up your diet?

    Screwed up your diet ? Here's a mental hack to get back on track quickly!⭕️⁣ ⁣ It has happened to the best of us the first times we dieted, and it happens very frequently to beginners but also "advanced" dieters!⁣ ⁣ When it comes to losing fat, we know that creating a calorie deficit of around...
  2. drtbear1967

    The Dumbbell Side Bend is for Dummies

    The Dumbbell Side Bend is for Dummies . A common exercise that doesn't make biomechanical sense is side bends performed while holding a dumbbell on each side. Of course, the weight of the dumbbell offsets the weight on the other side, making this exercise ineffective at sufficiently loading the...
  3. drtbear1967

    Protein Timing? Does it matter??

    This systematic review compared how consistently between-meal protein supplementation resulted in changes to lean mass, body fat, total body mass, and the ratio of lean to fat gains, when compared to with-meal protein supplementation. Both approaches produced similarly consistent gains in lean...
  4. drtbear1967

    BS on Body Type Training

    It’s time to call out the marketing bullshit telling people that they can’t get results if they don’t train according to their body type. - ��Yes, we are all built differently. Yes, we have different genetics. Yes, there is some evidence that certain gene types respond better to...
  5. O

    Whats up guys new member here!

    Hello, I came across this forum and saw some good reads throughout different subforums on here so thought I would join! I am currently 20 years old and prepping to compete in my first show in roughly a year. Like they say you have to have mass to chisel it down ;) . I workout out about 6 days a...
  6. Presser

    What are you guys Paying for your Iphone or cell phone bills monthly?

    I ask cause im payng for two iphones, wife and I , and its over $300 per month, and i use to think we had a great plan, cause were ""Grandfathered in"" and have unlimited talk, text, and internet, but what i was paying 10 years ago, aint so fucking hot now lmao, as i am seeing commercials from...
  7. D

    Masteron (Drostanolone Propionate) Picture, Chemical Structure, Texture

    <tbody style="box-sizing: border-box;"> Chemical Names: Drostanolone propionate; DROMOSTANOLONE PROPIONATE; Blackburn Compound; Emdisterone; Masterid; Masteril; Masteron Molecular Formula: C23H36O3 Molecular Weight: 360.53014 g/mol </tbody> Dromostanolone Propionate is the propionate...
  8. Presser

    Andarine (s-4) best for Cutting cycle used as a hardening agent at 50mg daily

    Andarine (S-4) Users will want to use Andarine during their cutting phase of their cycles as it works best this way. S-4 has amazing fat burning properties making it a favorite among bodybuilders trying to cut fat and stay vascular. Andarine s-4 has about a 3 hour half life making it best to...
  9. S


    Hello guys Just started week four of my cycle and my strength is thru the roof. Already up 11lbs ans setting new prs weekly. My biggest concern is my current blood pressure. Its elevated and staying their. Roughly 150-160 over a 100. While hitting the weights it seems to stay roughly the same...