1. drtbear1967

    Have you screwed up your diet?

    Screwed up your diet ? Here's a mental hack to get back on track quickly!⭕️⁣ ⁣ It has happened to the best of us the first times we dieted, and it happens very frequently to beginners but also "advanced" dieters!⁣ ⁣ When it comes to losing fat, we know that creating a calorie deficit of around...
  2. drtbear1967

    Get out of your comfort zone.

    Do you constantly feel like you’re being too safe with your decisions? 99.9% of people settle in the comfort zone. They do this because it allows them to stay in control and when you’re not putting yourself out there, you don’t have to deal with overcoming challenges and problems. You’ll never...
  3. drtbear1967

    You have to put in the work.

    One of the most underused muscle-building habits is keeping track of progress. If you want to build the most muscle in the shortest amount of time possible, you need to measure your success. In the kitchen this means, yes, tracking your calories. I understand that it's inexact, a pain in the...
  4. H

    Beast Wolverine got some gains boy

    1/4 scale polystone statue :D
  5. drtbear1967

    7 Tools you Need in the Kitchen

    When trying to add quality lean muscle mass to your frame, on top of having a solid training protocol, it comes down to not only a caloric surplus, but it also matters what kinds of foods make up that surplus. Clearly, if you added ice cream to every meal, you’d get to your surplus quite easily...
  6. drtbear1967

    Are you getting enough Leucine?

    themusclephd�� A serving of BCAAs should have at least 2-3 grams of leucine to maximize protein synthesis for a 180 lb athlete. But scale up for those of you who have more mass. For example a 250 lb bodybuilder may need 3-4 grams!
  7. drtbear1967

    Throw the scale away!! NOW

    by Matt Weik A scale. Most of us have them in our homes—whether we decide to use them or not, they sit there on the bathroom floor. What exactly we expect it to tell us is beyond me. Do we actually think that the numbers it shows means anything to us? The true answer is no, they shouldn’t—it’s...
  8. drtbear1967

    Don't beat yourself up - Overindulging happens

    Being consumed with guilt after overindulging, and then making extra restrictions with food for the next two days.Feeling like you didn’t work hard enough in your workout because you were unable to improve your performance, so you squeeze in an extra workout to “make up” for it. Feeling...
  9. Iron Game

    Understanding Macros (A Comprehensive Guide)

    HOW TO COUNT YOUR MACROS (A COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE)This is a comprehensive guide that details how to count macronutrients. The information is clear and simple. It is best suited for beginners, but it could also serve as a refresher for anyone. In this article, we will cover the following: What...
  10. 9

    The height of male UFC champions to scale

    that is mildly interesting lol
  11. Iron Game

    Sauna Suits... Really??

    by Matt Weik I would like to take a moment to thank Kim Kardashian for yet another idiotic piece of news, and for sparking this article. I was reading some health news the other night when I stumbled upon an article about Kim Kardashian and how she wants to lose more baby weight. The article...
  12. drtbear1967

    Does the Scale Lie?

    Does the Scale Lie? I was going to title this post, “The Scale Is a Liar” and that’s it. Then I saw that articles on this subject have already been written by the dozens. After skimming through them however, I was shocked to see how many of them were giving the wrong advice: “Throw...
  13. Dean Destructo

    Very early administration of progesterone for acute traumatic brain injury.

    Very early administration of progesterone for acute traumatic brain injury.Wright DW, Yeatts SD, Silbergleit R, Palesch YY, Hertzberg VS, Frankel M, Goldstein FC, Caveney AF, Howlett-Smith H, Bengelink EM, Manley GT, Merck LH, Janis LS, Barsan WG; NETT Investigators. Collaborators (299)...
  14. Masher59

    5 tips for your next Mass phase

    FIVE TOP TIPS FOR YOUR NEXT MASS GAIN PHASE 0 Is this your first shot at getting big? Or have you already been around the mass-gaining block a couple of times? Whatever the case, you've got to get your training, diet, and MIND in the right place.If you're a skinny guy, every missed meal means...
  15. T

    Why the scale sucks

    I'm writing article in local paper and have chosen why to avoid the scale when trying to slim down. I've already stated the scale is a dumb instrument, weighing not only yr muscle, but yr fat, yr bones, yr veins, and so on.....and that how a gain of a measly pound or two can depress people so...
  16. F

    Help in understanding my HGH labs

    I just recently dosed a full vial of HGH and had labs done 3 hours later. Heres the results. Growth Hormone serum 31.1 on a scale of 0-10.0 IGF-1 310 on a scale of 75-216 This was 8 iu of growth hormone injected IM. I was happy to find that its real GH but I wasn't really impressed with the...