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    Fiber Cut Causing Slow Connection Time!

    Below in BOLD is the message we received from our Service Provider and we do apologize to our members here at MuscleChemistry and Our Store Customers for How Slow Connection is This morning! Hopefully The Issue is resolved shortly! At approximately 06:30 GMT (March 4th, 2021) we were alerted of...
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    Apologies For The Site Rebooting and Kicking You Guys Off

    Again our OffShore Servers Had To Reboot and Kicked Everyone Off The SIte. My Sincerest Apologies For This. !! Thank you!
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    I would like the communities opinions on the demo software I have linked below. Its the Full Suite Of Basic Apps We Might Buy to run MuscleChemistry with. Its not just a forum but rather rather it’s an entire social networking platform with a lot of good 3rd party plugins . The DEMO LINK...
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    Important Member Notice - PLEASE READ

    As I'm sure everyone has noticed our dedicated server keeps crashing so please bear with us as we are waiting on a new server Meanwhile We will be moving to one of our other dedicated servers and then running on dual dedicated servers with load balancing fail over so if one is down or even...
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    We Are Back Online! Apologies For The Down Time

    Not sure what the hell happened , but we are obviously back online! We needed to reboot the servers , so also very sorry for having to boot / log all members out!
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    Again, sorry for the site crashing and booting everyone this morning!

    I think we got hit with ddos attacks or something, i dont know in all honesty just yet, as i havent logged in to cloudflare, who is suppose to help stop this bullshit! Might be time to get rid of cloudflare and find some other CDN anyone know of a good Contend Delivery Network , ? Cloudflare...
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    My Apologies If The Site/server Booted You OFF

    Very sorry to anyone who was logged out or booted off the site. We experienced a bottle neck of traffic to our servers which seemed to have either booted folks or timed out. In any case, very sorry if anyone has experienced this. issue fixed. Thank you
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    Apologies for Traffic Crashing Site

    For anyone who was kicked off MuscleChemistry or couldnt log in, were very sorry! We are working to fix the issue, as when we reach 22-23k members online at once the vbulletin crashes, its not our server load, as we run on gigantic dedicated servers, and im told its the vbulletin software not...
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    Universal Jurisdiction Laws….scary stuff

    So im not sure i got this story right but i think it goes like this, the U.S. justice department is going after drug traffickers, they haven't even arrested them yet, but they are investigating them and they got a warrant fot their emails, well their email is set up on servers in dublin ireland...