1. J

    How to manage estro spikes while running HCG on-cycle

    Just entering my first cycle, and am thinking about running HCG 250mg EOD with Test C 250mg 2x week. I have heard that Aromasin will not work to reduce high estro caused by HCG specifically. If I run into problems with high estro, what are some other approaches to take? Stop HCG? Use Nolvadex...
  2. K

    Old school AF making a comeback

    Long story short in the early 2000's gear was much harder to guarantee to a point to where I could always get finaplix and make batch after batch of the good stuff maybe getting some test once or twice a year. I used to throw it all in together no filtering but always sterile and more than many...
  3. J

    HOMEBREW Crash fixing

    Reaching out for advice some of my homebrew gear tends to crash not all vials but some. I do 20%BB was thinking of doing 15%Bb and adding 5%EO or some other solvent? Any recommendations?
  4. DefMetalLifter

    Home brew hardened into rock

    I brewed a few days ago; primo and masteron. Injected with zero PIP. Well the next day my masteron hardened into a rock. Yes every vial has a rock hard substance in it. I have been doing this for many years and never have seen this. I tried to run under hot water but didn’t melt it. Anyone seen...
  5. 1

    200mg dhb cyp recipe?

    Ok as the title states I am setting a target of 200mgs per ml for DHB cyp. On hand I have BA, BB, EO, MCT, Guiaicol, and MIG 840. I was thinking a ratio of something like 2% BA 15% BB 10% guiaicol For carrier I was thinking 25% EO and 75% MIG840. This will be my first time brewing anything...
  6. NAIR

    TRT Dose

    What's your guys' trt protocols look like? My doc won't move off 200mg bimonthly because I technically test within normal levels at that dose. But it's a fucking rollercoaster. Thinking more frequent sub q dosing might be beneficial.
  7. Dean Destructo

    Any one use Epitalon?

    I am thinking of using a long term regimen. Any one use it and care to report? Thanks in advance.
  8. J

    Asia Pharma - legit?

    Hi guys, How are you? Are you healthy?:wink: This quarantine is so boring...:crap: I need some help. Last week I ordered some Testosterone and NPP. I read on several forums that Asia Pharma was HQ back in times. So I wished to try it. Yesterday I received a package. I made a small order, just...
  9. S

    Hgh mixing help

    Heya I tried a search but I can't get an exact answer. But I think I have it figured.out. Can someone plz confirm my thinking is correct If you have a 10iu vial of Hgh You mix 1 cc of bact water Each number on a 1 cc syringe is 1iu?? In my mind, no matter how much bact water you put in. The...
  10. A

    E2 high and noodle doodle

    Hello folks , I got the blood done and E2 was little high opposed to wat I was thinking that I crashed it, anyways I am on 360 test / 180 npp week ,0.5 arimidex, 0.10mg prami and 20 nolva ( as a little lump started bcoz I was not using any AI for first 2 weeks) the libido is good, I get...
  11. Presser

    Anyone think we could use a technology/ electronic forum

    I was thinking we should add one back to the site. We had one long time ago and it seemed out of place here but now days between wearable devices. fit apps, VPN services and such I think maybe it's time to bring it back?
  12. drtbear1967

    Self Talk Matters

    Self talk: That little voice inside your head – you know it. That's the constant internal monologue that makes appraisals, passes judgments, and makes recommendations about what to do next. These thoughts and meta-cognitions are central to what make us human. Our self-talk helps us to function...
  13. Boomer

    Dbol = headaches

    Anyone else get huge headaches from dbol? The back of my head throbs and im assuming it blood pressure related. Im just on 7 days of use and i wake up with this headache and it doesn't go away. Im thinking i should stop the dbol and continue with my test e Any thoughts?
  14. S

    Pharmacom pharma mix 1

    Hi I'm just wondering has anybody tried this blend before? If so what kinda results did you get? Thinking of running 2ml pw split 1ml mon 1ml Thurs. Testosterone phenylpropionate50 mg/ml Testosterone cypionate200 mg/ml Boldenone undecylenate200 mg/ml Any help appreciated.
  15. drtbear1967

    Is this you???? Not making gains???

    The 7 People Who Never Get Results - Are You One Of Them? Tons of people struggle to see results. They just don't seem capable of adopting a healthy lifestyle. But why? Do they all just have the same unfortunate genetics? Here's what no one wants to talk about: Those who never see results...
  16. M


    Okay so this will probably have a lot of people thinking WTF is this guy doing, I've been thinking recently about skipping the membrane from filtration I've heard of guys not filtering at all and when you think about all these people who are iv injecting heroin and whatever with no such...
  17. drtbear1967

    Living with No Regrets

    by Matt Weik The topic of this article is somewhat not the norm but I feel as though it needs to be said as it can transition through many areas of your life – including health and fitness. Far too many people push things off, don’t follow through, and never think they are able to do or...
  18. drtbear1967

    Make Food not Supplements a Priority

    Fat Burners, CLA, L-Carnitine, Detox Products, Testosterone Boosters & BCAAs are a complete waste of money. Anyone selling them is either honestly unaware they are selling junk (which is just as shameful), or just looking to make a profit off you. . Sure, you can make an argument for using...
  19. drtbear1967

    Old School Mentality, Today

    by Christian Duque Some of the best topics, just come to me. There’s articles that are largely based on checking the places where bodybuilding news is disseminated (e.g. message boards, Youtube, and social media), but sometimes really good stories just have a way of falling into your lap. Just...
  20. drtbear1967

    Cycles for the Over 40 Crew

    Ok guys, there are a lot of us out here that are over 40 and still in the gym. Being 52 this year, I just keep hitting it as hard as possible and got to thinking. What do other cycles at this age look like? I am running 600mg test e, 500mg of deca, 3 ius of gh a day, 1200 ius of hcg a week and...