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Oxandrolex 25 (Anavar) - 25mg/tab, 50 pills/bag -

Oxandrolex 25 (Anavar) - 25mg/tab, 50 pills/bag - Euro-Pharmacies - USA
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available in 25mg for a limited time.
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Great for
Increases endurance,
preserve lean muscle tissue
increase strength
directly promote fatloss.
Promotes muscle hardness and density without the added weight.
increases collagen and elastin.
increases ATP

To name a few.


Absolutely love running ANAVAR when I'm pushing the limits.. really helps aid me from getting hurt. When I'm pushing to exhaustion..25mg makes splitting your dose ezpz..
It's like American express. Never leave home with out it .
If your looking for a one of a kind product.
That will help you lose fat, harden up, increase your strength, without the added weight gain ,Your performance and stamina will skyrocket and no bloat or water weight at all.
We have just what you need.
now in 25mg for ez dosing
We have a limited supply , so don't hesitate on grabbing a few packs now!