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We often see bodybuilders performing a limited range of motion with dumbbell flyes. Why is this the case?
💥 This study shows us that muscle activation in a dumbbell flye decreases significantly at the top of the exercise. This is because you get too great of a mechanical advantage over the dumbbells and they’re no longer forcing your pecs to activate.
💥 For some key takeaways, I’d first recommend to start your chest training sessions with a bench press variation as it will be more taxing. Secondly, if you’re doing dumbbell flyes, there’s no need to bring the dumbbells completely together at the top. You can also use cable flyes to somewhat overcome this position, but I would still recommend keeping tension on the pecs at all times.
▪️ Based on: Solstad, T. E., Andersen, V., Shaw, M., Hoel, E. M., Vonheim, A., & Saeterbakken, A. H. (2020). A Comparison of Muscle Activation between Barbell Bench Press and Dumbbell Flyes in Resistance-Trained Males. Journal of Sports Science and Medicine, 19(4), 645-651.
I think dumbell flys incorporate more stabilizer muscle which is great. But overall theirs no comparison in my book , bench is a staple exercise where as for me dumbell flys aren't nearly as important
I have been using cables and machines as there is no way I can do straight bar bench anymore with my shoulders.
I have added in a lot of band work for my shoulders and I am seeing gains that I had never saw. Very interesting for sure.