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Dear Customer,

Good day! "In case I don't see you, Good morning, Good afternoon and Good night!"

This is Neil from Lab Peptides, which is a global supplier of Foliage Extract. It has more than 8 years of experience in this fields, has provided long-term and stable services for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, universities and research institutions.
COA, 3rd party tested 99%+ / Global Domestic Fast Delivery / Reliable Customer Service.

This is our warehouse inventory. And we have another warehouse in CA.

(NJ) USA Domestic HGH *Semaglutide* Peptides List by UPS/ USPS
2024/5/27MOQ: 1 kits
ProductSpecification per KITQuantity/ KITSCap Colors
97% HGH 191 AA10iu/vial*10 vials28black
IGF-1 LR30.1mg/vial*10 vials20green
Blend BPC157 5mg+TB500 5mg(5mg+5mg)/vial*10 vials13black
Sample 110 vials*10 item13/
HCG5000iu/vial*10 vials49blue
Semaglutide5mg/vial*10 vials244White
Tirzepatide5mg/vial*10 vials128White
Tirzepatide10mg/vial*10 vials66Red
BPC 1575mg/vial*10 vials80Red
TB 5005mg/vial*10 vials137Clear Gold
GHK CU50mg/vial*10 vials30Red
PT 14110mg/vial*10 vials20blue
Melanotan 210mg/vial*10 vials99yellow
Retatrutide5mg/vial*10 vials10green

If you have interest I can apply good price sample to you for testing! All products can surprise you in good price!

Sincerely Neil.
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