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Our sale team associates can be located HERE..
The entire staff here at P.S.L is eagerly committed to assist you..
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We believe that the ultimate customer satisfaction is a synergy between our company and our central focus on our customers needs..
We emphasize on our ability to quickly deliver quality & authentic products at the same-time providing a nurturing business relationship between our customers and us with our pledge
and unwavering commitment not only as a solid business relationship but a long lasting friendship!

With this said, we need to establish clear communication and a keen understanding about relaying information, this comes from both sides..
(customer and service provider).

Below is the gold standard rules in which you must follow in order to get a hold of us.
Follow the suggested formula and I promise you will get a response.

1) Contact Customer service; This should be above and beyond any other method first..
You MUST allow ample time and up to "24" hrs for a response as we will reply in the order that we've received your inquiry.
Do not submit numerous inquires regarding the same matter, it will only further slow down and delay the process by overwhelming our techs support.

Do not use emails such as AOL, Hotmail, Hushmail, Proton, MSN, Live and Outlook.
We suggest Tutanota as the best, most reliable and user friendly email provider.
Always check your spam folder as well!

2) If you do NOT have enough posts to contact our sales team rep here on MC, DO NOT POST in our promo's, sales threads or other topics unrelated to your matter.
This is considered spamming and it's disrespectful to the original poster and our mission with promoting information.
If you violate this GOLDEN RULE we will ignore your message and request a removal of your post and possible further actions.


3) This thread is for you to post in and get our full undivided attention, feel free to reach out in HERE..
All of our reps will be subscribed to this topic and will receive an alert regarding a NEW post.. (I promise)

4) If your post count is to low and you wish to speak privately (which I encourage) simply contact the admin of MC or the mods, I'm certain they will gladly pas on a message, however they do NOT get involoved or solve issues or police sources, this is a last ditch effort to reach out and ask them to just reah us by saying "Hey guys a customer gave us his email to give to you NOTHING MORE".

PLease do NOT hound them..
Presser MC site Admin PM link below

(click the name Presser or the direct PM access ::HERE::) and he will forward your email to myself or an other team sales associate once you've provided it to him.

5) FYI - To save you some time and trouble change your current email info on your PSL account and update it with a "user friendly" email provider for faster order updates
and any other important information that you may be expecting.

Again, below is the information you need for faster and efficient email transmission.
Do not use emails such as AOL, Hotmail, Hushmail, Proton, MSN, Live and Outlook.
We suggest Tutanota as the best and most reliable and user friendly email provider.
Always check your spam folder as well!

Also READ the FAQ on the ordering site, it will have all your answers concerning shipping, payment & payment collections, reships and order status and much much more.
FYI - You agreed to these facts upon your check out after ordering if you placed a purchase

Please follow this simple information above, again DO NOT attempt to reach out with a
signal fire in topics or promo's that are unrelated to your matter..

Do not spam the community with signal fires, reach out HERE..
If you signal fire, you will be ignored, its disrespectful to the community and the members..




<header class="page-header" style="box-sizing: inherit; margin-bottom: 1.563rem; color: rgb(0, 0, 0); font-family: Lato, Arial, sans-serif; font-size: 16px;">Delivery policy

</header><section id="content" class="page-content page-cms page-cms-1" style="box-sizing: inherit; margin-bottom: 1.563rem;">1. ONCE TRACKING SAYS IT LANDED AND REACHED THE DESTINATION, THE SALE IS FINAL..
2 .We are not responsible for eventual:
- obvious postal services errors nor incorrect address provided by customer.- lost, stolen or damaged items (damaged items could potentially be replaced based on the customer services discretion -
customers are required to submit full photos of package and damaged items, for review) psl is not responsible or liable for the treatment and care with the
handling of parcels with the mail carrier services, once all orders are shipped the items are at the mercy of the postal services.

3. Signature required only for international orders
4. Approximate delivery times (from the date when package left sender country):
-express international shipping 10-15 working days
- express usa domestic shipping 2-3 working days

We reserve the right to ship your order 6 days after funds have been officially collected and confirmed by all channels.
(This does NOT include automatic updates from money transfer services that send automatic "Received" updates after sender wires funds, this is automated from providers and does not reflect real actual manual time).

If the user account updates with the following info "PAYMENT DETAILS RECEIVED" this is when the 6 day reserved right begins with the ordering process with shipping.
If anything goes wrong with your payment you will be informed about that asap .
This is due to multiple channel communications & confirmations, different time zones need to be considered as a potential with order status updates or what appears to be delays.
Weekends are excluded due to the fact of not being an official calendar working business day, Saturday/Sunday are not in the terms with shipping calculation and T/A.

5. Shipping fees: - all actual shipping costs will show to You in checkout
if you choose products from different category then shipping cost will be summed (shipping from different warehouses ) !!!

6. We ship out all the orders locally (few eu countries) , using only local of those countries postal services.
7. Your Domestic Order tracking number shown/updated in Your PSL account will be active in up to 36-72H.
Due to the fact that your Order Tracking number is provided and updated very early.
(Give the track. number approximately 60h. to be active in the system)

8. We hold the right not to ship multiple orders to one address at once.
If you need multiple orders sent at the same time -
You need to provide Us with addresses for each and every order that is going to be shipped at the same time.
[If u insist on sending multiple orders to one address at the same time - we will not honor Resend Policy]

9. Large orders are always split into few/couple SAFE shipments (to keep the parcel at reasonable size)
a) When the current part/shipment of your order arrives (please confirm it by mail) , we're sending the next right away.
b) To speed up your large order delivery - You need to provide us with additional addresses.
(we CAN NOT ship multiple parts/shipments of your large order at once to the same address)
[If you INSIST on sending multiple parts of your order to the same address (all at once) - We won't HONOR RESEND POLICY.]

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</section>Do not spam the community with signal fires, reach out HERE..
Happy Monday everyone! I hope you are having a great start to your week :) If you need anything please feel free to reach out to my self or any of our other reps for Purity Source Labs.

Have a great week and stay safe.