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We all know drinking water is important. But how does hydration affect your physical performance in training? One research review suggests that athletes should prevent fluid loss of more than 2% of total body weight if they want to maximize performance [1]. Another study looked directly at strength training and found that mild dehydration negatively affects strength performance on the back squat [2]. So your hydration status can have an impact on performance.
There's a simple way to see whether you are well-hydrated. From the scientific literature, we know that the "Urine Color Chart" you see in the second slide of this post gives a good indication of hydration status [3]. If you are within points 1-3, you are hydrated just fine. Once you approach point 6 or higher, it's time to start prioritizing hydration.
There is also such a thing as drinking too much water. But this shouldn't be a concern if you keep your water intake within reason. For most people, simply drinking according to your thirst will put you in the right ballpark [4]. But if you do this and your urine color is not where it should be, make it easier for yourself to drink more water by keeping a water bottle at hand to prevent.