Armodafinil - Laser Focused, Razor Sharp!!

    Armodafinil - Laser Focused, Razor Sharp!! Well I've had the YourMuscleShop Armodafinil for a while now and finally tried and let me tell you, this is the REAL DEAL!!! Definitely a Brain Pill that's for sure. Increases your Cognitive function and Memory unbelievably. Now I just started with...

    **Does Cooking Protein Powder Destroy or Denature it?

    Does Cooking Protein Powder Destroy or Denature it? The question I get asked the most is that if heating up the protein powder destroys it. Whether baking, microwaving, or sunbathing with it, leaving it in a hot car, or anything else short of lighting it on fire…the short answer is (drum roll)...
  3. Presser

    Low carbohydrates insulin protocol. The Ultimate no fat gain insulin program - WARNING - Dangerous!

    The ultimate no fat gain insulin program Thanks to guys like Dr. Atkins and "Zone" author Barry Sears, everyone now knows that insulin makes you fat. Just eating in a way that causes excessively high insulin levels can pack on the pounds faster than a bodybuilder can suck down a pizza after the...
  4. yourmuscleshop

    Hey, Do you wanna share if any craziest thing happened to you while working out at Gym?

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  6. drtbear1967

    Micro dosage with Test C / E

    I just heard of a fellow gym rat that is loading 29g 1in slin rigs and injected 1/2 cc of Test C / E daily. What do you guys thing about this?
  7. Presser

    Funny Thing Watching Guys Grow Up Here, Progress, Compete, and Even Go Pro. Yet.....

    Just this morning reading through some old posts realized one of our members earned their pro card , and funny thing is they never said jack shit. Not sure if thats pretty cool, and humble of them or just too worried their old posts come back to bite them in the ass. Anyhow, i think its pretty...

    Pineapple Juice Benefits

    PINEAPPLE JUICE BENEFITS Pineapple Juice Has Become Very Famous Lately Because Of Its Health Benefits. You probably know that pineapple is probably one of the fruits that could be found in every country in the world, but pineapple required a tropical climate to grow. There is no specific...
  9. N

    Morning or Evening Workouts: What’s Best for You?

    The early bird gym larks versus the weights room night owls has been a score that hasn't been settled in years. Who has the upper hand? Who's doing it correctly? Should we all get up with the sun — like Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, who works out at 4.30 a.m. — and pound through a workout before...
  10. N

    The Best Thing You Can Eat Before Bed

    Have you ever wondered what you should eat before going to bed? Or even if you should eat anything at all before going to bed?! We hear, see, and read a lot of contradictory information, which might leave you perplexed and make it difficult to respond to questions like: What is the best...
  11. J

    My review on King Kong

    Yes, I'm King's rep. But, I'm not a person that would just blow smoke up someone's ass. 3rd time using King Kong. I've only been using it on Leg days, which is Saturdays. All of my lifts have been going up weekly. The extra aggressiveness is far from anything else. Not to the point where you...
  12. Stickler*

    Creatine after 15 years

    I can't remember the last time I took Creatine. Well, that's not true. I started the front loading phase today. So far, no Creatine shits or Creatine fake outs. Is that still a thing or has it been better refined since my last Creatine usage?
  13. J

    King Kong (strongest pre workout available)

    I've seen guys using little as 1/2ml to 1.5ml an hour before the gym. If injectable pre workouts is your thing, you must give this a try! KING KONG 50mg Test Base/ 40mg Superdrol /25mg Tren Base/ml For a list, [email protected]
  14. jasonhill800

    Hit Snooze and Still Seize Your Day

    It’s happened to all of us. Whether its because you stayed up late or your body just needed the extra rest, you’ve hit the forbidden “snooze” button. But what if it’s still possible to “own” your morning, even with a late start? Owning your morning isn’t necessarily just waking up earlier...
  15. Dean Destructo

    Var and Halo Cycle-Combat Sports

    You guys know me. To recap about myself. I am a middle weight-ish combat sports athlete. I am on a constant starvation diet as I am trying to keep my weight down. Currently on 75mg Anavar ED and 25mg Halotestin on sparring and hard gym days. Should I absolutely add a small amount of test...
  16. drtbear1967

    Get the water in.

    We all know drinking water is important. But how does hydration affect your physical performance in training? One research review suggests that athletes should prevent fluid loss of more than 2% of total body weight if they want to maximize performance [1]. Another study looked directly at...
  17. J

    Tne/adrol/dbol blend

    I am getting a lot of awesome feedback on this injectable. If this is your thing, you may want to check it out at
  18. Steroidify Rep

    It's DDoS attack season, guys...

    Sunnier days, more hope, more vitamin D, flowers... Everyone loves Spring time in the northern hemisphere. It also brings a few things that we don't love, like bugs, pollen, allergies and... DDoS attacks... This is the season, folks... We're seeing some major attacks these past few days...
  19. drtbear1967


    – Women with higher levels of Vitamin D3 appear to function better sexually. They experience more desire, arousal, and lubrication, in addition to having more intense orgasms. . The Study: Endocrinologists recruited 108 women to fill out the Female Sexual Function Index questionnaire to evaluate...
  20. Tailor

    Sustanon melting point

    Hi, I am about to brew some pre mixed sust. To what temp you bring solvents+powder when cooking? This thing is confusing me as sust esters melting points vary from 50C to 120C.