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High Protein Cereal Bars

These 5 ingredient Protein Cereal Bars only take around 5 minutes to make and can be made a million different ways with your favorite cereal.


1 Tablespoon Butter

10 Tablespoons Peanut Butter - or Nut Butter Alternative

5 Tablespoons Brown Rice Syrup - or Honey/Sugar Free Syrup (Reduces Carbs)

2 Scoops Protein Powder- Choose a complimenting flavor

1-2 Cups Cereal - Your Choice! Keep in mind that you may need more or less depending on the cereal you're using.


Start your cereal bars by turning your burner on low heat. Add right into your pan 1 tablespoon of butter, 8 tablespoons of nut butter, and 5 tablespoons of a sweetener like brown rice syrup, honey, or even a sugar free syrup if that would work better for your macros.

Mix those ingredients together as they heat up until everything is smooth and combined. Don’t let them sit long enough to burn!

Once those ingredients are combined, add in 2 scoops of your favorite good tasting protein powder.

Any flavor will work as long as it compliments the nut butter.

Mix your powder in until smooth. It shouldn’t look too wet and it shouldn’t be too dry or your protein cereal bars will likely fall apart.

If it does appear to be too dry you can add a little sugar free syrup in.

Last, mix in 1-2 cups of your favorite cereal. This can literally be anything, even granola! The most important part to this step is to make sure that all of your cereal is coated by the time you’re done mixing it.

Onto the next step! Take out something to put your mix into it, optionally line it, and dump your mix in.

Press and pack down your protein cereal bars mix evenly across whatever you’re using, I find using my hands makes this step easier.

Put that into the fridge or freezer for a few or until everything hardens up then cut your bars up.

Nutritional Profile:

Macros in the WHOLE without Cereal and w/ Sugar Free Syrup:

*Add Cereal Macros Separately

Calories: 1398
Fat: 94g
Saturated Fat: 20g
Sodium: 406mg
Carbs: 42g(net carbs 26g)
Fiber: 16g
Sugar: 7.5g
Protein: 96g

Macros in the WHOLE without Cereal and w/ Brown Rice Syrup:

*Add Cereal Macros Separately

Calories: 1718
Fat: 94g
Saturated Fat: 20g
Sodium: 442mg
Carbs: 122g (Net Carbs: 106g)
Fiber: 16g
Sugar: 60g
Protein: 96g

Macros Per Bar (Makes 5) with Honey Almond Cereal & Sugar Free Syrup:

Calories: 359
Fat: 19.8g
Saturated Fat: 4g
Sodium: 171mg
Carbs: 21.2g (Net Carbs: 16g)
Fiber: 5.2g
Sugar: 4.4g
Protein: 24g

Macros Per Bar (Makes 5) with Honey Almond Cereal & Brown Rice Syrup:

Calories: 423
Fat: 19.8g
Saturated Fat: 4g
Sodium: 178.4mg
Carbs: 37.2g (Net Carbs: 32g)
Fiber: 5.2g
Sugar: 15.4g
Protein: 24g


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