How to get Prescribed Testosterone?

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Having Testosterone prescribed usually means you are suffering from Hypogonadism or Low Testosterone.

That said, many are quick to remind us just how difficult it is to actually get your prescription Testosterone – a doctor’s prescription is notoriously hard to get.

So, what is a man to do? Well, there are one or two things that we can do to make sure you get the medication you need. Go to a TRT Clinic.

What are those? Well, grab your Test Vial and I’ll show you!

Key Takeaways

  • The only way to get Testosterone prescribed is by going to a doctor or TRT clinic

  • TRT prescriptions can be used to improve overall Testosterone levels

  • Symptoms of low testosterone include erectile dysfunction, low energy levels, and fat gain

  • TRT is both legal and safe, as long as you do it through a doctor or TRT clinic

How to get Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

Testosterone replacement therapy can simply be defined as a medical professional prescribing a person hormone replacement therapy, in this case, Testosterone, the male sexual hormone [1].

It is critical that you only get Testosterone under medical supervision, as it is illegal to do so otherwise. A legal TRT prescription will also include a lot of blood tests to see what the underlying cause is of the low Hormone levels.

Figure 1: The easiest way to legally get Testosterone is through an online HRT clinic, such as Evolve HRT Telemed

The treatment they prescribe might not only be Testosterone, it might include several forms of TRT, such as Enclomiphene, depending on your health conditions, of course.

Other drugs like these could increase natural Test production, lessen the risk of Prostate Cancer, and even ensure fertility remains high.

There are various HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) Clinics and TRT Clinics online, and both of these could help you work through your individual medical condition.

Where to get Testosterone?

While you could illegally purchase Testosterone on the black market, it comes with several risks:

  • Quality control is poor

  • Increased risk of infection

  • Dosing is rarely accurate (Fake Testosterone)

  • It is a controlled substance, making it illegal

Thus, the best way to get Testosterone or Testosterone replacement therapy is through a medical professional. A licensed physician would look at your medical history, blood samples, and physical examination before they prescribe Testosterone.

Before you even ask, no, Testosterone supplements don’t really work all that well. Certain ones help a bit, like Boron, Vitamin D, and Zinc, however, not nearly enough [2, 3, 4].

Different kinds of TRT Prescription

Symptoms of Low Testosterone

As men age, we see a reduction in Testosterone levels, which is completely normal. That said, a Testosterone deficiency isn’t a great time, especially if you’re a younger male. Here are some symptoms of Low Testosterone levels [5]:

  • Erectile dysfunction

  • Lowered bone density

  • Weight gain (fat tissue)

  • Lowered Sex Drive

  • Possible increased risk of hair loss

  • Decreased energy levels

Generally, men report a feeling of “poor” health and general well being.

How to Improve Testosterone Levels

It’s inevitable that you, as a man, will experience male hypogonadism at some point in your life, which does raise health risks like increased risk of cardiovascular disease. So, are there ways to increase Testosterone levels? Well, there are some:

  • Live a healthy lifestyle with more sleep, exercise, and healthy food

  • Testosterone deficiency is more common in depressed men, so make sure you’re healthy

  • Follow medically reviewed advice to boost Testosterone

  • Certain supplements like Boron and Zinc might increase Testosterone

How to increase Testosterone Levels Naturally?

The best way to increase Testosterone naturally is to just improve your men’s health. This means sleeping more than 7 hours per night, eating a healthy diet (with some Saturated fats), exercising regularly, and decreasing overall stress.

Is Testosterone Therapy Safe?

There will always be health concerns, even when looking at a legal TRT prescription. While unprescribed Testosterone and other Steroids could definitely lead to heart disease and adversely impact overall health, the chances of TRT doing so are very low.

Studies [6] have looked into the safety of using Testosterone replacement therapy or Testosterone as a means to treat hypogonadism. Your biggest concern would obviously be a heart attack, prostate cancer, and sexual function.

Figure 2: The devil is in the dose, and a doctor will not prescribe something stupid. TRT is a safe treatment.

All of these can be managed by the medical professional in charge of your TRT, and a good candidate would only receive the treatment if all the underlying conditions are already solved or addressed.

Because Testosterone replacement could be lifelong, doctors will work extremely closely with their clients to ensure they are healthy.

Is Testosterone Therapy Legal?

Unlike Steroids, Testosterone therapy is 100% legal, granted you do so through a medical professional.

The FDA Drug Safety Communication does claim TRT to only be legal when prescribed Testosterone is used as a treatment for Hypogonadism by a medical professional.

What does TRT Cost?

While I recommend TRT for all of those suffering from Testosterone deficiencies, a thing we have to consider is cost. This isn’t exactly a “normal” medication, so, surely it must be expensive?

TRT costs will differ from Clinic to Clinic, as well as the type of TRT you use. Injectable Test is the best treatment in my opinion and seems to keep T levels in the sweet spot.

That said, TRT can cost anything between $75 – $200 per month, depending on how much treatment you actually need. Other drugs needed to keep your health in check will also raise the price – obviously.

Best Place to get Testosterone Replacement Therapy

There are several places to purchase TRT, and while these are all great in their own ways, the best place to go is a registered online clinic. Why? Well, it’s cheaper and easier, you often get a free consultation, and it’s Testosterone Online!

Testosterone products can be prescribed to you online, meaning you never have to leave home.

The best clinic we have dealt with is Evolve HRT Telemed. They don’t only have TRT, but various other treatments as well, such as Hormone Peptide Therapy.

Medically reviewed products are only added if the chief doctor deems them safe and if there is actually a need for them, so they’re not just about making money.

They’re reliable and affordable, and your prescription is shipped to your door fast.

Conclusion: Where to get Prescribed Testosterone

Hopefully, by now, you’ve learned a bit more about low Testosterone levels, and this thing called Hypogonadism. Testosterone therapy is the number one way of helping men suffering from Testosterone deficiencies, and it is perfectly safe.

That said, it is only sage if you begin TRT with a doctor or clinic. If you don’t, you might experience symptoms and ailments that you shouldn’t, because, well, you’re using illegal drugs.

A TRT clinic might be intimidating, but it really could help you get the best treatment at a fair price. Subpar Testosterone supplements will only get you so far, so, let’s make the most of your health.

The FDA cautions against using underground Testosterone, however, TRT is perfectly legal, safe, and incredibly effective.

What kind of Testosterone does a doctor prescribe?

It depends from person to person, however, usually Testosterone Cypionate or Enanthate injections would be prescribed.

How do I get Testosterone?

First, you would need to get blood tests done to show you are suffering from hypogonadism. Then, a doctor can prescribe you some TRT to increase T levels.

How to get TRT?

The easiest way to get TRT prescribed is by going to a TRT clinic. They will test your T levels and find the best method to improve your overall health.

How to get Testosterone in the Military?

Hormone use is illegal unless prescribed by a physician, even in the military.

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