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I mean, we know that eventually, if we train with weights we end up gaining some muscle mass.. but how ?

Short answer: we don't know yet, exactly. And that's because we don't have a 100% clear answer. However, we have many pieces of the puzzle that can help us make a conclusion....⁣

The mechanism which takes the name of 'mechanotransduction' will help us understand this concept better: ⁣

Basically, our muscle fibers contain mechanosensors which are most likely found within the fibers. These sensors are able to detect the mechanical stimulus and translate that into molecular signaling events that increase muscle protein synthesis rates, and causing the accumulation of protein inside individual muscle fibers as a result. ⁣This over time, creates muscle growth (hypertrophy).

Now, as I said, the mechanism in it self isn't clear yet, because some studies don't seem to agree unanimously on the same conclusions.. ⁣

However, this post can serve as a general idea to understand how the mechanical stress induced by the weights, ends up resulting in your bicepZ poppin'. ⁣

Pretty cool, I'd say!⁣
Muscle growth is not due to microtrauma, as is commonly believed, but due to the transformation of proteins during physical activity.
Physical activity could cause the microtrauma and due to the influx of nutrients, this could over time result in muscle growth.