any updates on your competing bro?

I'm going through a divorce bro. So I didn't follow through with my July comp. I have a guy in my gym that competes. He keeps telling me I need to do a show cause he thinks I will do well. He motivates me. At the same time I have been running a lot of shit since last October and want to given body a little break. There is one in November I may consider. It wouldn't leave me time to bulk is the only thing. I could recomp a little then cut again. Just seems like I have been cutting for 4 months. Actually I have been lol. I feel like I need to put in more mass for a while first. Idk though what I'm gonna do. Lol

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Ya part of fucking life. Just can't wait till this shit is over with.

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i hear ya, you might wanna consider removing that other thread,