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Before I ever stepped on stage as a competitive bodybuilder, I firsy was a competitive powerlifter, and I LOVED IT! I loved going to the meets and meeting people, and having all eyes on you, the smell of ammonia salts in the air, the entire experience for me was amazing and i wouldnt have known anything about powerlifting had it not been for a gym i had just joined and the powerlifting team that gym sponsored. Training together as team for specific powerlifting routines, and being sponsored going to meets whereing team shirts. Thinking back on it i suppose it didnt take to much for them to sponsor the team, they provided t-shirts for us to wear but thats all, lol, we still had to pay gym fees, and pay our own federation / meets fees. But young guy in 20's i thought it was kick ass to be sponsored.

And I had a BLAST! Some of my BEST Memories were from Competition aka meet days.

So with that said, I would like MuscleChemistry to sponsor a few small Teams in different states, and/or individual powerlifters.

So if anyone here is looking to get into powerlifting, or on a team, or is already an established powerlifter, and wants to become Team MuscleChemistry Sponsored, please send me a pm here or just reply to this thread.

I think it was a great life experience for me, and though it didnt last but a year and a half for me, as i went into bodybuilding, i still think it was an important factor in my life and steered me towards a healthy lifestyle whic i have lived ever since then!

Thank you
I am hoping to have a meet November.

Nice! What kind of meet?

What federation? I just looked at the list of powerlifting federations and cant believe how many there are now days as it wasnt like that 20 years ago! I only remember the AAU and one other one i competed in, and only one of them survived the test of time. But yeah its insane now days!

I use to mainly signup for the bench press contest, and my buddy would do the deadlift and squat. All at the same meet, incase some guys here are unfamiliar, you dont need to do all 3, thats how it was back in the day anyhow lol. Then you would wait til the latest publication of "Powerlifting" came out and see if they got your name, placing and poundage correct , lol, which they usually did but not always lmao.

And yes it was a real magazine lol, tangible paper pages in your hand .....OMG right!
Presser! Hells yes! That’s awesome. I’d love to see some guys hop on this. I know of a few myself off the top of my head.

We generally compete in the USPA. There are lots of feds out there and depending on where people are located some are bigger than others and will have more meets.

If someone is on the fence about competing, just do it and have fun. The community of powerlifting is very welcoming, contrary to what some might think.
Agree, as i said some of my best memories were at meets, War At The Shore was one memorable one, i mean how can you beat being down the beach, with all eyes on you, and yes meeting new people, networking, and everyone pumps up each other no matter they know you or not!
I am revisiting this topic as I still would like to have a MuscleChemistry sponsored powerlifting team!