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Bodybuilders often rely on muscle activation data to figure out how to train a certain muscle group. However, when it comes to the lats, we have a ton of studies showing similar activation in rows and pulldowns with a variety of grip widths. So why do bodybuilders still use both types of movements?
💥 Biomechanical analysis shows that different portions of the lats have different abilities to extend or adduct the shoulder – especially at certain portions of the range of motion.
💥 With this in mind, we can see that the upper lats are probably best trained with rows due to their extension abilities whereas the middle and lower lats are better trained by pulldowns since they are stronger shoulder adductors. Therefore, keep both movements in your back training program!
▪️ Based on: Ackland, D. C., Pak, P., Richardson, M., & Pandy, M. G. (2008). Moment arms of the muscles crossing the anatomical shoulder. Journal of Anatomy, 213(4), 383-390.