Purity Source Labs - 15ml Test E GIVEAWAY - LOCAL SHIPPING


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Hello brothers,

We're looking for one or two people to log our new 15ml 200mg/ml Testosterone Enanthate. This is an ester that people either love or hate. A lot of people tend to experience PIP with it versus other esters. Euro Pharmacies has lowered the concentration down to 200mg/ml in hopes that alongside our superb brewing practices we can eliminate any discomfort.

We are asking that in addition to the log that the selected individual(s) do one of the following as well:

1. Send in a sample for HPLC analysis (Jano/Lab4Tox/Analiza Bialek).
2. Get blood work done after 6 weeks including uncapped total test.


Please leave a comment below if you are interested and we will be in touch 💪
This is an amazing opportunity for 1 or 2 lucky ASF members to Run some of th best testosterone available anywhere. Hurry and sign up ASAP.
PSL is always giving back to the community, this is just one example!