Site Representatives/Mods Wanted for Female Fitness Bodybuilding Forum. PM Presser

if she can keep this forum update daily, with at least 1 or 2 new threads daily to help draw in the ladies, then im all for it, well as long as she knows her shit to lmao
still looking for any ladies , be bodybuilders, fitness, physique , bikini type females, or any female fitness freak !
we could use a Female Site Representative, and NOT just for the Female Fitness Forum, unless of course you just wanted to run this forum.
bump, looking for a new Female Site Representative for either just this female fitness forum, or for this forum and also as a whole for the entire site!

But we need a female here. please private message me for details on our needs, and your compensations
Female/s Wanted To Run Female Fitness Forum!

Position is Compensated Monthly!

Compensation Includes But Not Limited to the following:

Free Store Products

Free Incredible edible Sex with Presser

We offer bonuses for meeting certain thresholds / criteria.

Bonuses will be paid in boners! :fyi: My Boner! If you thought a number 2 pencil was thick, well wait until you see this fine specimen, Can you say, Sharpy Thick!

I figure, why not throw this offer out there, and watch my inbox fill up like a hot mouthof jizzz!

Private Message Me “Presser” for all serious enquiries! :arcade: Cause if theres one thing I know about females, its they love Explicit Sexual Vulgarity
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Incredible sex with Presser! I'm in big boy!!!!!


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Floating this back up for any Ladies who might want to help run and grow this forum.
Bump! We need some ladies running this forum!

Any ladies interested please pm me, and you are welcome to promote yourself or whatever brands you represent if it helps get you here with us!

I would like Our Female Fitness forum aka "Fem Chem” to be a showcase forum, not a side bar forum, So, i am up for ideas from any females who wanna give it a go and make this forum your own, run as you see fit
[h=2]Site Representatives/Mods Wanted for Female Fitness Bodybuilding Forum. PM Presser[/h]
We are looking to add Female Site Representatives to run our Female Fitness and Bodybuilding Forums. If interested in the position please PM me Press for Immediate consideration!!!

We are looking showcase the female forum at the top of our site in our main discussion areas and in need of solid female presence.

Thank You​
Bumping this up for female sit rep! At this point I’ll even settle for a very feminine man lmao
Still looking for any ladies who would like to run our Female Fitness forum here as well promote whatever else they have going on for themselves.

You scratch my back I'll rub your tits. A win win
Still in searchg of Female/s to run thgis Female Fitness forum, as they sit fit! Run it like you owned it!