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Ok guys and gals, I wan to get your take on this. During my last cycle I used on 1" needles and had some knots that were bad. Never thought about it much but my wife always fussed about how hard it was to give me the shot. After hearing this over and over, I got some 1.5" and started using them. No issues with knots and the wife says that it easy now.

So have any of you ever had this happen?? Another thing has happened as well, I am seeing results again. Could the juice got caught up in the scar tissue?

What do you think??
More than likely it was because of a lot of scar tissue. That's what makes it hard to push it in. With the 1.5" needles, you're effectively bypassing the scar area into virgin territory underneath. Scar tissue doesn't absorb the gear at the same rate as normal tissue so it will def take more time for it to get into the body to work. I've had the same issues since I've been on gear/TRT for 20+ years. It's hard to find a good area to shoot these days. If I can get a spot where it goes right in, I usually know I'm going to have good results.
I have always used 1.5" for glutes but 1" for other areas like delts and biceps.